Thursday, June 27, 2013


This time round for creative activity, the overall in-charge, Shipei and Jingwen from ERMS Team 3, came up with an interesting idea which no one has done before. It was a visit to the Caregiving Welfare Association which is an elderly center. The event was held on 20th June 2013, 2pm – 5pm.

Any idea what this association about? Well, here is a brief background of the association. Established since 2004, Caregiving Welfare Association (CWA) is a leading agency in caregiving for the elderly through services that enables them to maintain their independence, at the same time improving the quality of life of the elderly through dependable direct care services, and to create a generation of responsible and knowledgeable caregivers.

The objectives of this visit is to let all the EMRS students play a part in contributing back to the society, bring happiness to the elderly and at the same time, to give everyone a chance to learn possible life skills from the elderly. 

The Caregiving Welfare Association!

During the Planning Stage
We were given an approximate of 2 weeks to plan and organize the event, which included brainstorming on what activities to have with the elderly, planning the program flow, checking out the items needed for the activities, planning the manpower as well as recce the venue.Despite being rejected by a number of associations, Jingwen and I did not give up looking for associations that are willing to work with us. Emailing and calling up associations were our daily agenda, however, after a few try, we were able to get Caregiving Welfare Association to work with us! To my surprise, the two person in-charge, Ms. Adeline and Ms. Gladys of the association were also thrilled to be working with us. We were very thankful that they were really flexible with the plans we proposed.

On the Actual Day
On the day itself, everybody met at Bouna Vista MRT Station at 11am. After everybody arrived, we took a bus from the station together and reached the center at around 11.30am.

As the actual activities will only start at 2pm, after everybody settled down, we went over to Ghim Moh Market to have our lunch first.

Due to the haze, we could not conduct our activities at the void deck anymore. Therefore, the only place we could use is the center. 

The space that we have for us to conduct our activities.

After our lunch, we went back to the center to get the logistics and items ready for the activities to start. 

 Getting ready!

As the elderly were informed to report by 1.45pm, most of them were here on time. While some were busy setting up, some were already entertaining the elderly by having small conversations or playing the memory cards with them.  

 Entertaining the elderly!

At around 2pm sharp, everything was in place and all the elderly were present. The overall in-charge, Shipei, started off with a short introduction.

Please listen to me now!!

After that, time for Bingo! One of the popular games among the elderly! 

Bingooooo! Paying attention to the numbers being called!

I’m a Bingo Winner! Yeah!!

Next up was the…… Memory Game! We were quite pessimistic about this game at first, but it turned out that they enjoyed it! As the elderly were separated into groups of 6, there was a mini competition for the memory game! Fastest group that completed the game win some small prizes prepared by us. 

Hmm, where is the other card??

To be fair, we had 3 rounds of the game to determine the winner. And so here are the winners, Elderly team 2! 

 The winners and their prizes! The priceless smile on their face!

After this 2 activities, it was time for a break. And look what we got for the elderly, BREAD! 

After a 20 minutes break, we went on to the last activity. ‘Design Your Own Mask’. All the elderly was given a piece of ‘Cat Mask’ to design on. After which, the supervisors identified the winning mask base on the elderly’s’ creativity.

Elderly on the move!

Cheers to one of the winner! Congrats!

As we completed all our activities ahead of time, we decided to have a few more rounds of bingo with the elderly since they enjoyed it.

At around 4pm, we packed and cleaned up the place. All the elderly left the center with a huge smile on their faces.

Although it was a long and tiring day and despite being squeezed in the humid room I am sure everybody enjoyed themselves and felt the joy of spreading happiness to the elderly. To conclude, the overall in-charge, Shipei and Jingwen, would like to thanks the association for giving us a chance to make this event a successful one and also to the whole EMRS team who helped out in the event in one way or another. You all did a Great Job! J

Shipei and Jingwen :)