Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Field Trip @ Changi City Point

Guess where EMRS went to spend our Valentine’s Day? 
The teams started the day by meeting at MacDonald around 10 in the morning. We were split into teams and given some free time to explore the mall to take a look at how different shops did their opening before the first mission of the day. The mall is huge and had lots of nice stores such as Levis, Uniqlo and Cotton On. Changi City Point is different from the other malls as they had a number of outlets which we can’t find in other malls. Also there are unique restaurants such as Table Manners where you cannot find in other shopping malls.

After our adventurous walkabout, we returned to the gathering point and the OICs gave us our first mission. The mission was to find the answers to the different sets of questions in the shortest amount of time. Students were racing all over the place, and the competition was on. However, the rules weren't specified and all of us went to look for the information counter to get the answers. When everyone gathered back with their answers, the OICs check through and announced the winner for the first round! After our morning activities, everyone was released to go for our lunch break.

The OICs split us into groups and brief us for the 1st Round~!

The winning team

After our break, we watched the Lion dance performance at the atrium. It showed us the importance of teamwork. Without the teamwork between the two lion dance performers, the lion dance will not be as successful and exciting. It was really amazing how they were able to jump up from the ground to the pole and jump around from pole to pole. Also, the lion dancers managed to throw several mandarin oranges up to the 2nd floor! After the lion dance performance, we waited for the God of Fortune to come. Once he arrived, he announced that the first 12 people will get a red packet from him! Our enthusiastic EMRS peeps went up to queue to get the red packet!! The God of Fortune then shared with us some information about the different zodiac signs.

   The lion dance performance

The lion was posing for the camera!!

 EMRS Team after the performance

HUAT AH!! Red Packet from God of Fortune

God of fortune giving special advice to Nelson

After we finished taking our group photos, we were given our second mission.  This was more challenging as students have to search for the places according to riddles given and take pictures with the different places as the background. Also, we were given 20 minutes to complete all the riddles and come back with all the photos taken.  Through this activity, we were able to learn more about the different stores that Changi City Point has and the facilities around the mall.

                                    Tai Quan’s Group at the water playground! The 3 House!

                                             Colin’s Group @ Table Manners

The fun and enjoyable trip not only helped us to understand more about Changi City Point, but also taught us retail skills and the operations of the stores. Before we left the mall, the OICs distributed the prizes accordingly. We were then dismissed after a short debrief given by our OIC and supervisors.