Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Date With Spring (CNY event 2013)

Chinese New Year symbolizes the start of a new beginning for most of our Chinese friends as it marks a new year in the Chinese calendar. Therefore team 3 decided to commemorate this festive season by organising our very own event in school on the 29th January 2013 - 31st January 2013.

As Chinese New Year (CNY) falls on the same week as Valentine's Day, we decided to tie in these two occasions and came up with the theme 'A Date With Spring'. This event was held at the linkway just behind Mcdonald's.

To create the CNY & Valentine's Day atmosphere, we set out to decorate the linkway, covering the notice board panels, the ceiling as well as the pillars.

We have hand-calligraphed Chinese couplets to complement the year of the Snake.
Palm-sized blossom flowers, handmade by our crew, twirled around the pillars.
Detailed paper cut-outs of all 12 Zodiacs with interesting forecasts on Health, Wealth and Love in the year of the snake.

Hanging lanterns and blown up blossom flowers, all hand-made too!

Our very own inspired Chinatown directional stand together with our signage.

We even made our own blossom tree!

A closed-up picture of our event signage, hand-drawn and painted!

Put it all together and you will get...

Don't you just feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside?
Here's our official poster, placed at different locations in school.

We brought in vendors deemed fit to suit our customers' preferences and at the same time able to stick to our theme and bring out the atmosphere we wanted. A must-have on our list was the CNY goodies. What's a CNY event without goodies? 

We settled for vendors with pre-prepared products namely New Generation Confectionery and Gobbler Shop.
14 different types of goodies sold, with free sampling too. 

From chocolates to snacks to drinks to pantry products, ALL cheap & great deals.

We had SingPost coming in for the first time, selling cool thematic stamps, notepads, laptop sleeves, customized t-shirts and mailbags.

Customized handicrafts were also sold and was popular among students.

Mocol, a regular vendor, selling mobile accessories at affordable prices. 

We called in Bag of Bones, a famous blogshop selling female apparels and Marvel t-shirts. 
At the same time we had 3 of our retail students selling an assortment of accessories from rings, to bangles to necklaces. You want variety, you get variety!  We even had masks selling like hotcakes especially since they were a dollar each. 

Not to mention, we brought in every girl's paradise; Smoochiezz. Beauty products, cosmetics, nail polishes all sold here at affordable prices. 

Adding a small personalized touch to the event, we had our very own booth set-up!

It was named, "He Says, She Says". We had sound system installed to liven up the atmosphere of the linkway with both CNY and love songs. Also, some of our team members became emcees as they had a go at the microphone. 

What exactly is this booth about?
Well, we offered polaroid photo taking as well as a shoutout platform. We provided an array of props to make photo-taking much more fun. Customers had a choice of two different frames to use.

We also had hearts for sale. Customers may buy  hearts to write down shout outs to those close to heart, quotes or even new year wishes. Their messages would then be pinned up at the booth's notice board throughout the 3 days.

At the end of three days, this was how the notice board looked.

Check out our daily lunch hour crowd!

All in all, the event was a success. The response received from patrons were overwhelming. We managed to hit our sales target given by the supervisors. Many people expressed interest in our decorations and there were even potential buyers! Thankfully, there were no major problems that happened during event, thus everything went smoothly. Good job, EMRS Team 2 and 3 for all your efforts in making this event a success!