Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Launch of National Spelling Championship 2013

On 25th January 2013, Team 3 was involved in the launch of RHB-The Straits Times National Spelling Championship (NSC) at Shaw Lido. This event marks the second year that Malaysia's RHB Banking Group and Singapore's leading English daily are collaborating on the competition in partnership with the Ministry of Education (MOE). At the launch, 300 guests were invited including teachers, students from Tampines North and Yu Neng Primary School, organisers' representatives and partners from the event. The iQhub introduced their new digital spelling games that can be downloaded as an app and will be included in the competition. Attendees were treated with the movie screening of the Lorax after the launch of event.

Event Preparation

Overall in-charge
The event was assigned to Team 3 two weeks before the event day. We were given a week to plan and organize the manpower in the team. During the planning, we get to contact with the SPH in-charge to obtain details of the event. A few days before the event, we attended a meeting with the SPH organizers to familiarize ourselves with the actual event location, Shaw Lido Hall 4. After the meeting, we were able to confirm the roles for the manpower.

Event day
The EMRS team members reported at the Shaw Lido building at 9.50am. We assisted with the set-up and packing of goodie bags

Setting up and packing of goodie bags
After the packing of goodie bags, we placed the bags on the theatre seats. The SPH organizers also started the rehearsal of the event to make sure that everything went well.

Around 1.30pm, guests started to walk in and register at the booth. Our ushers were tasked to guide the guests to the refreshment area.

Meanwhile, buses from Tampines North and Yu Neng Primary School started arriving. Our chaperones had a great time ushering the buses of children to the Shaw Lido Hall.

Our ushers were also stationed at the car park to guide the VIP to their reserved lots.

Jiawe and Widia
Within half an hour, the Shaw Lido Lobby was filled with excited primary school students and invited guests. Mascots from the RHB bank and the Singapore Press Holdings walked around the lobby to take pictures!

Sharon and Serene
At 2.30pm, the guests and VIP guests started to enter the hall for the launch of the event.

Adeline and Perrin waiting for their turn to usher the VIP guests!

The Launch of NSC!

It was followed by the speech carried out by the chairman of RHB Bank and the Editor of The Strait Times. After the speech, the guests placed their hands on the launch ball to signify the launch of the event. After the launch, there was a spell-off between Tampines North Primary School and Yu Neng Primary School.

Dectyn, Hakeem and Shawn helping to set up for the digital spelling games
Tampines North Primary School VS Yu Neng Primary School
The Winner is Yu Neng Primary School!
After the spell-off, we assisted in the tear- down of the event. All of us then stayed behind to enjoy the movie screening, the Lorax.  Overall, this event was a success and team 3 was had an enjoyable time during the event. As this is the first external event for everyone, it was a great experience and opportunity for us to work with external organizations. 

Team 3!