Monday, February 18, 2013

CNY Bak Kwa Online Sales

Team 2 was in charge of the Chinese New Year (CNY) online Bak Kwa sales.
Firstly, team 2 was handling an event that they were new to, and are lucky to have the expertise of the DBI students who helped with the online website. Jeyshree, as Official-In-Charge (OIC), was responsible for the entire event and she ensured that the event was smooth. The products that we are selling in this online sale are Bak Kwa from Fragrance at a discounted price. Our online website design was previously done by the previous batch student of EMRS and thanks to the DBI students who edited it with our different Bak Kwa flavours and the different product descriptions. Also, we did up two different posters to be put up on the website and around the school. 
                                                           Poster for landing page

Our own poster design by A&P
Team 2 also organized a sampling booth at the shopping arcade from the 29th to 31th of January, targeting students and staff of Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP).  The objective of this booth is to create awareness about the online sales and attract more people to order. We did up our very own signage and decorated our sampling booth with red packets. During the three days of sampling, there were lots of staff and students who came down to try the Bak Kwa samples and most of them placed their orders after they had tried the samples.

Lastly, we also provided free delivery for all NYP Staff and set up a collection booth on the 7th and 8th of February who had ordered Bak Kwa from us.
Here are some pictures about the sampling activities:

Have you seen this around the school canteen?
                                                                Team 2 discussing seriously
                                       Our Nice Sampling Booth at the shopping arcade.

Working Hard on promoting our Bak Kwa

                                                             Orders Orders and Orders
                                      Cheerful Joey and Kelly having Bak Kwa sampling at the Linkway

The event was a success!  We have gained new insights about online sales and contacting suppliers for the booths. The responses received from patrons were overwhelming. We managed to hit our sales target given by the supervisors. Many people expressed interest in our decorations and there were even potential buyers! Thankfully, there were no major problems that happened during event, thus everything went smoothly.We wish you a happy new year and enjoy it with Bak Kwa and goodies that you bought from us!