Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Games Day

After all the hard work for the Chinese New Year event, we get to spend time together and strengthen the bond between members by having a Games Day.

The purpose of Game day is for everyone to have fun and relax. The games that we played this time were charades, Telepathy game, dodge ball, werewolves. Lastly, the most popular game: Captain Ball. Do you know why captain ball is so popular? Just look at the pictures and you will find out! Everyone gets to work together and run around to pass the ball to their team mates to score as many as possible.
We split into 2 teams for Captain Ball and the members compete fiercely over 3 rounds. At the end of the game, team 2 won by a close margin. This game taught us the importance of communication and teamwork, that every member plays a key role. 

Dectyn attempts to catch the ball

TQ you got long hands ah!

So, we started off with charades that has three different themes, where the representative in each group has to act out. The three themes were: Funny Actions, Movie and Animals. The team will have to guess as many words as possible in one minute. Each representative spent a lot of effort thinking on the actions to act out for their team members to guess. This helps students to explore their creativity as they need to come up with moves/actions that resemble the word. Students also need to work as a team because mutual understanding is the key factor in winning this game.

For the Second Game we played was Telepathy game. There were 1 set of question and 1 set of answer distributed and each team will have 2 representatives to play this game. They will first put on the headphones with music on, and try to match the answer to the question. The twist to this game is that students cannot hear what the partner is talking about. They were given 1minute to match as many answers as possible. This game is to test the chemistry between the pair of representative. The opposite team made lots of noises so that they would not be able to hear one another during the game. The purpose of this game is basically for students to relax and laugh at each other, where you get to hear students that are usually soft-spoken screaming at the top of their lungs.

The next game was Dodge Ball. It’s a new game that is introduced by the OICs and we received positive support from the students. The objective of the game is basically to hit the opposite team with the balls and to dodge the incoming balls. This game trains us to be aware of the surroundings as they have to dodge in time. The 2 teams were lacking in strategies as they simply threw the ball at each other randomly. I felt that the purpose of this game is about strategy, planning your next moves so that you can achieve your target easily.

 OIC gave instructions during the dodge ball. The students were eager to whack each other with the balls and “attacked” the OIC sometimes.

Students getting ready to run for the ball!

Intense action going on

The two guys bullied the girls in the opposite team.

The Last survivor

As it started to drizzle, we went back to the project room for our very last game: Werewolf and the civilian. This is one of the games that EMRS enjoyed. It was a game of deception. Everyone needs to guess who were the werewolves and debate among us to protect ourselves from getting killed. There was a role of the healer, who can be the angel by healing innocent civilians who got killed or be a selfish devil who keeps on healing themselves. This is the only chance to see who were cunning and selfish.
After all the games, finally everyone get their prizes!! The overall in charge bought several snacks to reward the winning team.

Prizes bought by the OIC!

At the end of the day, everyone enjoyed themselves and we were closer with one another! Games day also serves as a breather for students to relax before embarking on a second journey to Changi City Point. We hope that everybody enjoy themselves as we did, and we thank the students for participating in this event.