Tuesday, February 5, 2013

EMRS Team building game

The first activity we had in EMRS was the team building event. It was held at the sports hall on the 17th Jan 2013.

The main objective of this team building games is to let both the DBI and SBM students to better umderstand each other and have a stronger rapport and bond.

The games we played included - Two Truths and One Lie, Charade, Werewolf and the Civilian and lastly the Captain Ball.

Trying to crack each other's lies

We started off with the game Two Truths One Lie, a warm up for everyone. Everyone was supposed to do a short introduction of themselves and then share two truths and one lie about themselves for the rest to guess the lie.  

Act and guess

The next game was Charade. This created some fun as we had to act out the words given by the OICs to the next team-mate in order to guess the correct words. This game allowed everyone to tap on their creative juice to convey the words with actions instead of speech.

Catch the wolves

For the Werewolf and the civilian games, it helped to improve our observation as well as to enhance our analytical skills.

Snatch the ball

Lastly, we played the Captain Ball game which emphasised the importance of teamwork.

Team 2 Group Photo

Team 3 Group Photo

Though all these teambuilding games, we managed to know each other better and at the same time established a stronger bond.