Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Hues Mini Roadshow

To kickstart TEP, EMRS Team 2 was assigned to organize a mini-roadshow at the linkway outside the Shopping Arcade to sell both MSC and Cheers products. The roadshow was held on 05 March 2013 from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

Planning Stage
We were given approximately 1 week to organize and plan for the mini-roadshow, such as   advertising, coming up with the logistic list, and selecting the products to be sold. The ICs for the events were Andrew Leong as the overall IC, Crystal as IC for A&P, Mia as IC for Finance and Ying Li as IC for Logistics. Our team also includes DBI students, who joined us only a day before the event. We were given a budget of $30 to prepare for the whole event and we spent $24.05 from the budget.

During the product selection, the team initially wanted to select items from MSC only, thinking it would be easier to achieve the sales target with their higher-priced items, as compared to Cheers. However, after a few discussions, the team decided to take up both MSC and Cheers products due to the shortage in students and staff during the term break.

Some of the products taken from MSC and Cheers

For our A&P, the team chose a SPRING theme for the mini roadshow. The designs of our banner, poster and price tags were done according to the spring colours. We had placed our posters at 4 different locations, where we felt that we could attract more people.  The dress code for our team was spring colours for the guys and floral prints for the ladies.

Our poster with some of the promotion items.

Events Day
On the events day, our team’s initial meeting time was 8:45 a.m. However, due to latecomers, we had to wait until 9 a.m. before setting up our booth. The team was split into half, where one group was to collect the fixtures and the other half was to collect the products.

 The team taking the fixture and products and setting up the booth.

Since we are planning to sell chilled drinks, we took one of the plastic containers to store the drinks in. Unfortunately, disasters do happen! The plastic container that we stored the chilled drinks in, had a huge hole and caused a lot of leakage. 2 of our members went back to the fixture room to change the container for the storage.

The members and Ms Choo going back to fixture room and the other member drying the floor.

Selling Time
Its 10.3O am and it’s time for sales! The team started to split according to planned outline, the 1st team of mobile sellers took a trip down to the SIT block. They managed to sell off most of the products. As for the booth, it was a bit hard to get customers to our booth at that time as it was the school holidays and there weren't many customers walking about. However during lunch time, sales were good as the team managed to attract customers with the promotion products.

Customers at the booth and the mobile seller.

The second team of mobile seller were sent to the SBM block but there weren't much teachers in the staff room as it was still lunch time. The team then decided to walk all over the nearest block and managed to sell off most of the products.

Time check, it’s 2.00pm, sales for our hot selling items Redondo and Pepero are running low. Informed by our supervisors that we can restock the products, we decided to resumse our mobile selling with the replenished products. Sales at the booth were still slow so the team managed to encourage their classmates to buy.

The event ended by 3.30pm and we managed to clear our booth by 4.00pm. Even though we were exhausted, we had fun managing the booth and sales.

The team members and supervisor.