Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Open House

After months of preparation, the team of EMRS is ready for “action”. It was a project that we started from scratch and we feel proud when the event was a success. We received lots of help and advices from our supervisors. The event lasted for 4 days, from 4th to 8th January. The theme is “Star Struck”, which is inspired by Hollywood. The team handmade the decorations such as film rolls, clapper boards and cameras to fit the theme. Tinsels and shiny balls were used to complement the theme as well. Credit should be given to the previous batch as they planned the event. Furthermore, they have also done up all the pretty handmade decorations.
During day one, it was mostly NYP students who visited the linkway and the event was just warming up.  On Saturday, we had more people visiting us. During the last 2 days of the event, there were lots of secondary students in the linkway. Response was great and we felt that our hard work paid off.
Here are some pictures taken during the entire journey. 

The Archway

Jarron and Brandon working hard.

Look at their concentration!

Our Floor Stickers

                                        Farhan always finds time to pose for the picture J

                                               Hanging up the ceiling decorations

                                                  Putting up poster on the pillar

Our very own direction sign

Our pride and Joy -The Oscar Award!

Our hard work paid off! The decorations look so good J

Ms Choo looks like she is having fun!

The photogenic EMRS team

On the day of the event, we had 15 groups of retail students and 5 food stalls setting up their booths. The retail students were doing this for their modules and they came up with many innovative retail ideas. The game and exhibition stall was run by EMRS team 3 with a purpose to educate people about Nanyang Polytechnic’s courses. We had different type of games such as picture paints a thousand words where they have to piece the puzzle and guess the specialization in a time limit of 90 seconds. Other games include Pick Pack Pole, Scramble and Crash can which consist of quizzes about Nanyang Polytechnic courses. The games are alternated to ensure that we have something different every day. The place was getting busy as there were people moving fixtures, displaying their products and preparing loads of food to sell. It was a pleasant sight as everything was going well!

The Retail Students and Food Vendors

EMRS Team 3! Go Go!

Enthusiastic Students playing! This is the puzzle game of NYP where students try to piece the pictures together under a limited time.

They receive their prizes! Cheese balls!!

 Our team member GQ, attracting customers.
 Happy Xinhui and Dionis are happily giving out flyers to attract customers!

 A group Photo of EMRS team 2!
An even bigger group photo of the EMRS TEAM!

Although there were problems during the event such as bad weather, speakers malfunctioning and other hazards such as the fan blade not functioning properly, we were able to overcome these problems together as a team. It’s not just about the results, but the process. This process has undoubtedly bonded the team and the entire Open House 2013 journey was AWESOME. We are honoured to participate in this year open house.
Please continue to support EMRS events in the future as we ensure you a fun and exciting experience with us.