Friday, November 27, 2015

Retail Career Fair 2015 Game Booth - Team 2

Retail Career Fair 2015 Game Booth - Team 2

Date: 19 November 2015, Wednesday

Team 2 was tasked to do up a game booth to be used in the Old Folks SG50 Lunch Event. However, the event was postponed due to the haze conditions and our team had to modify the game to fit into the Retail Career Fair. Our booth was placed there to act as a crowd magnet for the students to visit the other neighboring booths. The theme of the Retail Career Fair was Monopoly. With this theme, we included the different elements of job positions and different retail-related occupations.

On the event day, we gather at 0845AM for a final briefing before we proceed to set up the game booth at the Atrium.

Ben, Charmaine & Jai setting up the banner and game rules of the booth.

Game prizes to be awarded to the participants.

Motivation quote cards are given out as a participation prize. 

 Overview of our game booth.

Our Game Rules.

Team 2's group photo! 

Overall, our game booth has contributed to the success of the event. We brought joy and laughter to the event and had as much fun as the participants did. We managed to surpass the expected number of players at the end of the day, in addition there were repeated students who came back to our booth to play as they felt that the game was challenging yet fun. We also received positive feedback from students, lecturers and visitors that the game was very well-decorated.