Friday, November 6, 2015

Mini Event Roadshow - Sweet Indulgences EMRS Team 3

On the first day of EMRS, we were given the option to do a mini roadshow event or not. And Team 3 decided to take up the challenge. We have to decide the theme of our roadshow and source for the external vendors ourselves. After much discussion, we decided to get in sweet treats for our roadshow. Thus, we picked Annabella and Soi55.

AnnaBella Patisserie specialized in hand-crafted macarons and Japanese light-cream cakes. They started up with producing the best-quality cakes and macarons. We chanced upon them online and they were very cooperative in providing us with a wide range of flavours of macarons. As they do not have a physical shop, they offer online ordering and collection at Irving Place @ TaiSeng.

Soi55 offers delicious thai street food and different types of thai drinks in Singapore. They have the traditional origin Thai iced teas all the way from Thailand. Thus we decided to take in their best sellers thai milk tea and thai green milk tea. Soi55 has their own retail stores at the Golden Shoe and Cathay. 

Advertising and Promotions (A&P)

Serious thoughts for marketing and ideas. 

And our posters are out!

Putting up posters at different venues

Getting our banners and table decorations done

After much efforts and considerations, we decided on pastel for our theme and named our event 'Sweet Indulgences'. We sourced and researched for the booth decorations too. We made small handmade macarons with dough and clay which attracted quite a few attentions during the event. Also, our flyers and preorder forms of the macarons were designed by us. Through this event, it has taught us to think out of the box for creative ideas and the different elements to attract customers such as the visual merchandise of the booth etc. 

Event Day 1
Setting Up:




Starting Sales:

Crowds are floating in (!!!)

Mobile Selling:

To wrap up day 1, we faced quite a few difficulties at the start such as setting up and waiting for the vendors to arrive. When the ice arrived, we did not know how to handle the usage of ice such as placement of ice in the ice box. As we placed most of the ice at the bottom, we were left with a little to scatter on top of the drinks. To ensure that the drinks were chilled, we have to separate the ice evenly. Also, we did not preempt that the floor will be wet due to the ice box thus posing as a risk as there were sockets and wires around. Sales of the day was not bad, drinks were sold out but unfortunately we did not manage to sell all the macarons. In conclusion, day 1 was a good start and there were a few learning points for us to take note for a better day 2, 

Event Day 2
Setting up:

Start of sales:

Tear down: 

Counting our sales ~ 


To conclude day 2, set up was much smoother and faster as we have already done it on day 1. After the difficulties we faced with the ice on day 1, we have learnt and improvised by using cloths to prevent the floor from being slippery and wet. As we still had unsold macarons on day 1, we have reduced quantity of each sets for day 2 after discussing with our teammates and the vendor. The vendor suggested us with the optimal level of macarons to take in. With this change, all the macarons and drinks were sold out as early as 230pm and we have to close the booth earlier.

Post Event

Debrief and personal reviews about our event:

finance - sorting out the receipts

After compiling and computing our sales for both days, we hit our target of $5000. Our total sales is $5472 (!!!) which is $472 more than our target sales. The sales amount should have been $5470 but we received $5472. Thus, our team collected $2 more through the sales of the event. Therefore, we have learnt to be more careful and meticulous on handling our cash and products during the event.

Cheers to the end of SWEET INDULGENCES! 

Despite having some obstacles during the event, our team had successfully executed our first mini roadshow and managed to achieve our target sales! Our team has become more united through this event and are ever-ready for our next event. 

Much Awesomeness,