Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Retail Innovation Exhibition

The Retail Innovation Exhibition took place on 19 November 2015 from 10am to 4pm. This event took place in conjunction with NYP Retail Career Fair 2015 and the theme was Monopoly.


The objectives of this event is to:
  • Introduce new technologies in the market to the students and retailers
  • Create brand awareness for the companies
  • Introduce efficient and effective methods for transaction and advertisements  

Our team is given the opportunity to work together with GoGorilla and Knorex. We were tasked to create awareness for the innovative technologies that is available in the market to the retailers and the public.

Singapore based NFC/RFID solutions provider for concerts, events and product launches throughout Asia.
Focusing on RFID  ticket integration,Stored Value & cashless solutions,secured access control and social media activation & integration
An end-to-end Augmented Reality(AR) platform that transform ads into interactive experiences when you hover your smartphone over and ad, image or article

Planning Process:

Before the event, we meet up with the suppliers to know more about the technologies that they are offering. We also communicate with them about the entire event, so that they are aware of the entire event that is happening on that day. We also design the SnapARise app for the event to let the user have an experience of the app

- Booth layout for GoGorilla & Knorex -

Event day!

Setting up the booth in progress....

- Attracting the crowds at the start of the event - 
- Crowds starting to gather at the booth - 

- More students are interested to know more about the technology -

In conclusion:
During the event, we faced some challenges, such as attracting crowds to the booth. However with much enthusiasm and support from students and lecturers, we managed to pull crowds to the booth. We also did mobile promotion to the retailers to create awareness of the exhibition and the innovative companies. We realized that after informing and demonstrating to them on how the technologies work, not only are they keen to know more about the technology that was being showcase, they also want to know more about the company and other products and services that are offered by the company. Despite all the problems that arise, we managed to overcome it and make the event go smoothly.
Through this event, we have learnt that it is important for us to be able to think of solutions on the spot in order to overcome the hiccups during the event. We have also learnt that communication and keeping ourselves compose at all times is also important.

With much Love,
Team 4