Friday, November 27, 2015

Retail Seminar 2015

Retail Seminar 2015
Date: 18th November 2015, Thursday

It was Team 2’s first event. This Retail Seminar was specially organized for the benefit of the Retail/Event specialization students. Special industry guests were invited to talk to the students regarding their experience in the company. Some of the things the students have learnt from the event are the career prospects of the Retail/Event path, and the different benefits of which the companies offer to their employees.

A lot of thought and consideration were put in during the event planning process. Every single detail was scrutinized as we had no room for any mistakes to occur on the day itself. Although we tried to plan to every detail, not everything went according to plan.

Below are the following preparations we did before the actual event itself:
On the day of the event we met at 845AM to set up the place and did a final rehearsal. The speakers came at 12PM to set up their exhibition booths as well as to load up the slides.

Sorting out and pasting the class tags on the chair.

Team briefing during rehearsals

During the rehearsal, making sure that everything goes smoothly!

Taking a picture so that Joanna can be familiar with the camera settings!

We were privileged to have guest speakers from Wingtai, Taff, SIRS, VF Brands and Pico Art who came down to Nanyang Polytechnic to give their insights of how it is like working and being part of the retail industry.

The seminar ended successfully with the last speaker from Pico with her interesting and enjoyable presentation. After all the presentations ended, there was a Question & Answer (Q&A) session for the students to ask any questions that they had.

Networking Session

Yani, situated at AV controls

Our Emcees for the event.

Overall, it was a successful event with minor hiccups.The hiccups that we encountered was that the ushers due to an oversight, we did not use the latest updated copy of the Guest seating plan which resulted in a confusion among our team but we rectified it before the guest arrived.

Also, we intended to issue the door gifts after the event has ended. However, the exhibitors requested for us to issue them out halfway during registration. There was a mild panic and we gave out some wrong bags to the wrong classes but we quickly recovered from the situation.

Everyone executed their individual roles during the event and this helped us quickly resolve the minor issue that we had.