Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Customized Study Path 2015

The Customized Study Path (CSP) event took place on the 9th of October 2015 from 9.00am to 12.30pm

The objectives of CSP is to help students who are required to retake certain modules to attend a counselling session with their respective lectures/PEMs and to plan out their timetable for the next semester.

The main roles for EMRS in this CSP event include;
1. To ensure the CSP event run as smoothly as possible.
2. To help CSP students resolve any clashes in the planning of their timetables.

Pre-Event Preparation
In order to be better prepared for this event, we started planning for the event even before our mini roadshow started, and the four OICs were Shaheerah, Dione, Darren & HaoYi.

With all the EMRS students in all three teams being involved in this event, the OICs also have to plan out the manpower allocation.
Together, we came out with a floor-plan that we feel will best cater to the needs of the students, course managers and the respective PEMS. 

Floor Plan for Block D where the counselling for the CSP students will take place.

Reporting Rooms layout

By default, we will take on the queue system of 'First Come First Serve'. However, taking into consideration of the variety of courses and lecturers involved, we had prepared for an overall of 4 different kinds of queue system to suit whatever the preference of the lectures may be.

We also displayed various signage and posters to direct the students to the designated reporting rooms.

Before and after layout

Reporting Room

Counselling rooms before & after

Larger counselling rooms

Day of the event
At 9am, both reporting rooms were flooded with people and everyone was already busy doing their part.

PowerPoint slides to inform students on what to do

CSP students reporting to the reporting room to have their attendance taken

Our helpers who were camera shy …

Counselling in progress *SHHHH*

Students waiting for their turn to be counselled

Report here thank you.

Block B printing lab where students print out their customized timetables.

Featuring the team in-charge of the event, Team 3!

Overall, it was a challenging yet interesting event for all those who were involved. With this event, we learnt how to manage large crowds, better utilization of fixtures and also have a better idea of how to plan and manage any future events that may be similar to this.
Through this event, we also came to understand that no matter how hard or how detailed we might have planned for an event, there is no such thing as a perfect plan. Although there were unforeseen circumstances along with some minor hiccups here and there, with the right attitude and guidance from our supervisor, Miss Quek, we managed to put through the event smoothly.