Thursday, February 26, 2015

CNY Food Sampling and Sales Events

CNY e-catalogue

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EMRS Team 4 had prepared and conducted Chinese New Year Food Sampling 2015. We sourced for external vendors to collaborate with us. With much preparation and discussion, our food sampling sessions lasted for two days successfully. We handled orders from our lecturers, staff and students (booth and mobile team). Last but not least, we communicated with the vendors regarding the pre-ordered items. After which, we moved on to the distribution of the items.

Pre-event Preparation 


 We created our brochures, posters, floor stickers and CNY catalogue. Because of time constraints and limitations, we had to take the images of the items ourselves when we received them for food sampling. We also went to the fixture room to discuss about the set up of our booth. Our Advertising and Promotion (A&P) was successfully done with our own DIY decors.



In overall, the food sampling went very smoothly, furthermore due to popular demands, we even extended for another day, therefore we are able to finish all the available food sampling items.

Through this event, we have displayed excellent teamwork, coordination and customer service skills, thus leading to a wonderful experience for both the customers and us. At the end of the event, we exceeded our sales target of SGD 4000.

Thus we can conclude that the CNY Sales event was a successful one.


Firstly, It would be best to hold the event one week earlier to avoid the study break period in order to garner more potential customers.

Secondly, we would also highly recommend that we should contact our vendors two months preceding the event to inform them we have the interest to collaborate together. As such, they would have more buffer time to follow up with us and supply the items to us.

Thirdly, having Google Chrome browsers in our school computers would better assist us with our preparation in hosting the e-catalogue.

And lastly, we could turn the food sampling and pre-order event into a Chinese new Year fair by inviting more vendors into the school to provide us with a wider range of Chinese new year food items. This not only attracts more attention, but also helps to stimulate purchasing actions from consumers who seek convenience.