Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Triumph Event by Team 3

Triumph Event was held on the 19th to 21st Jan 2015 from 10 30am to 4 30pm at the Auditorium Lobby. It featured a wide range of fashion intimates for women from $30 onwards.


The planning for the event commenced on the 8th of Jan. We started off by editing and making amendments to the poster given by Triumph.



Few days before the commencement of the event, we went around putting our posters in different parts of the school to raise awareness for our event. We also created ‘footsteps’ that will lead students from the atrium to the auditorium.



On the first day of the event, before the doors opened at 10 30am, we started setting up by opening the many boxes that carried all the different lingerie by Triumph. The wagons were provided by Triumph so we began arranging the lingerie according the different designs.


First Day

On the first day, sales weren’t as much as we expected it to be. The traffic flow of students and staff coming into the auditorium to look at the products was also not as high. We felt the price of the lingerie might be a little pricey for students as most of them were sold at 2 for $60.



Second and Third Day

On the second day, we introduced a new promotion at “3rd piece for $10”. This seemed to have a positive impact on many of our target audience and sales started picking up. The traffic flow was so much better as we could see more students and staff entering the auditorium to at least look at the products. Some who didn’t even have the intention of buying any lingerie, ended up sharing the promotion with their friends. So everyone benefitted in the end!




After an exhausting 3 days, our Triumph event finally came to a closure. Teamwork was definitely something that we learnt as we learnt to set up the fixtures together as a team and we were coming up with interesting ways to increase the sales of the event. We are very grateful to our supervisor, Ms Winnie Quek, who has given us this opportunity to work with Triumph and we would like to thank all the students and staff who came down to support our event.