Monday, February 2, 2015

Share Your Love - Mini Roadshow by Team 2

‘Share Your Love’, was a mini roadshow held outside the shopping arcade on the 26 January 2015. With two weeks to Valentine’s Day, we thought “Hey! This event was the perfect time to remind the public to ‘Gift their loved ones a sweet surprise.”  After much discussion, we decided to carry MSC Studio’s products.

Pre-event preparation

Booth Decoration

Preparing the props for the booth such as the pom-pom flowers, designing the posters and making gift bags. Also, we decided that customers, who make purchases above $10, would receive a complimentary gift-wrap from us.


Team members doing stock count for the products to ensure there are no discrepancies.

Planning and arranging the fixtures that we have chosen for the booth.

Three days prior to the event, we decided that it would be great to let our fellow schoolmates aware of our event. So posters were placed at different locations in the campus such as the South Canteen, South Canteen, North Canteen and outside Shopping Arcade. 


Our beautiful posters that garnered compliments!

During the event

Booth Decoration
Setting up the tables, putting on the tablecloths, and arranging the props and products.
Our booth finally done up!

Dress Code
Since Valentine’s Day was approaching, we decided that the dress code should be red and pink colours evoking the feeling of love. 

Booth & Mobile Team
Our team was divided into two groups: Booth Team and Mobile team. Each member was rostered and took turn to man the booth as well as do the mobile selling.

Members at the booth worked on attracting to and selling products passerby while mobile team travelled to the different locations in the campus to do personal selling.

During the event, we received overwhelming responses, whereby many students and lecturers were purchasing the products as a gift for their loved ones. With the mobile team, we were able to reach out to more students who had missed the booth.

After the event

We did stock count for the remaining goods and we were so relieved that there was no stock discrepancy.

At the end of the day, our team achieved overall revenue of SGD411.20, thus hitting our $200 sales target. Hooray!

Despite the tight timeline we had to meet, we were confident to take up the challenge and make it a successful event. With team members from different specializations, we were able to incorporate our knowledge and skills in planning and executing the mini roadshow. Simultaneously, we also learnt to be creative and resourceful to get work done. All in all, we believe it was a very enriching and fruitful experience!