Monday, February 9, 2015

Food for Energy, Resources for Exam- Mini-Roadshow by Team 3

After the Triumph event, we carried out a mini-roadshow which was held outside the shopping arcade on 2nd February 2015 from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. For the mini-roadshow, we sold items from Cheers as well as products from external vendors.

 Pre-event Preparation

During the pre-event preparation, we brainstormed for different themes for the mini-roadshow event. We as a group chose Food for Energy, Resources for Exam as we felt that this theme would be appropriate keeping in mind that the event would be held during the study break.

We went on a field trip to places such as Bugis Junction, Chinatown Point and SCAPE to source for external vendors. 

Sourcing for External vendors

After liaising with various external vendors, we managed to source for two vendors, welovezakka and Indiesin. After confirming them, we started to prepare for our A&P.

Preparing for the A&P

Before the mini-roadshow commenced, we worked on the visual merchandising of the products

Preparing for the visual merchandising

On the day of the event

We started to set up for the mini-roadshow at 9.00am. Some of our teammates rushed to the fixtures room to get the relevant logistics while some brought down the stocks. 

Setting up the booth

We commenced the mini-roadshow at 10:30am after which we dispatched our mobile selling teams while the rest of us were stationed at the booth. Our mobile selling teams covered areas such as South Canteen and the various TEP Centres.

Internal and External Booth

Products from Cheers

Our hot-selling products

Products from Indiesin and welovezakka

After the Event

After the mini-roadshow ended, we packed up all the stocks and returned the logistics to the fixtures room. We took a stock-count of all the products to ensure there were no discrepancies.

In conclusion, the event went smoothly as expected, though we faced certain challenges while organizing for it. Through the event, we have learnt to be resourceful and it has also helped us to work as team and foster close ties within the team.