Thursday, March 12, 2015

Beauty and the Geek Mini Roadshow Team 3

Pre-event preparation
Our team was assigned to sell the MSC products,we went to MSC studio to have a look at the products available.We then brainstormed for different themes that suit the MSC’s products.Since MSC’s products are mainly beauty products,technological products and bags, we decided to use ‘Beauty and the Geek’ as our theme.


Choosing the Items for the roadshow :)

We liaised with the students from MSC to get our products.
For Beauty,our products indicate masks,nail polish,earrings and facial cleansing foam etc.
For Geek,our products indicate Notebooks, Bags, bottles and iPhone covers etc.

Preparing for A/P
Our banner and posters for the booth.

A rough plan of the visual merchandising.

We came up with the idea of making a nail polish and iPhone cover stand.


On the day of the roadshow

We began our set up at 9.00 am sharp. We recounted all the stocks from MSC to ensure there was no discrepancy. Finance group attained the float and split it among the booth and mobile selling teams.



At 10.30 am, we started our mini roadshow. There were two mobile selling teams who covered the different canteens,TEP centres,classrooms and staff rooms. The rest of us stayed at the booth.

Cheering before the event start !!                               Our Hot Selling Item “STICKY”
Post Event Wrap-Up
After the event, we packed up and return the fixtures back to the fixture room. After which we did the tallying of stocks and counted the cash received.
In conclusion, the event went smoothly on the actual day despite facing some challenges during the planning process. From this event we executed, we learnt that teamwork and communication skills are important elements in an event.