Thursday, February 26, 2015

I.T. & Electronics Fair 2015

 EMRS Team 4 had conducted an I.T. and Electronics Fair on 24th January 2015.

Pre-event Preparation

A long but essential process for us to conduct the fair successfully. We managed to design our own posters and confirmed with our vendor, AceCom regarding the consignment, rental and products' pricing details.


We targeted our school students and lecturers with our posters and physical booth outside shopping arcade. Although the stocks came late, we managed to get it displayed on the tables as quickly as possible and manned the booth successfully.

Challenges and Solutions

1. Having product knowledge VS handling customers' requests (solved by asking our vendor, Adam.)

2. Working on the POS system (E.g. We did not know how to exchange the items and key in the data using the POS. However, we solved it by doing a new transaction instead of holding back the customers' waiting time.)

3. Handling stock counts (solved by double checking and following up with our vendor regarding the final quantity of items sold.)

4. Sending IT Fair poster for approval (Due to some complications, we didn't receive the url for the electronics catalogue within stipulated timing, thus we only managed to send in the finalized poster for approval at a later date.)

We gained valuable skills and experiences from our vendor, customers and our team members through this event. Examples would be having teamwork during the set up of our booth and displaying our responsibilities of managing the booth. 

Planned for the unplanned

1. Getting updates from the vendor about the stocks during the event and knowing the popular items so we know how to promote the items confidently.

2. Acting as customers and predict the questions which customers would actually ponder on so we would be handle customers' doubts more effectively and efficiently.