Monday, September 29, 2014

Team Building Event

EMRS Team Building

EMRS Teambuilding was held on 12th September 2014, from 1.30pm to 5.00pm.

The objective of this teambuilding is to bond everyone in EMRS and to get to know one another better, especially when the SIT students just joined us.


We had two I/Cs for this teambuilding, Kah Chin (Team 3) and Isabella Tan (Team 4). We were given a week to plan for this teambuilding event.

Firstly, we split them into 4 teams instead of the original EMRS teams in order for them to interact with students from other teams.

Next, we thought of some games such as rely games, running man, ddakji, captain’s ball and Pictionary. Due to time constraint, we eliminated some games and ended up with Rely Games and Running Man.

We then proceeded to work out the logistics needed for the games and prepared some prizes (Redondo). We also did the bells anklets for the running man game.

Anklets for the chasers

First game: Relay games

Relay games consist of turning around the pole, taking a selfie, skipping, transferring the ping pong balls from one cup to another using chopsticks. The first two teams who completed the relay games the fastest get to choose if they want to be the defender or the chaser for the Running Man game.

Briefing on the relay games

Ming Ming turning 10 rounds


Ming Yan taking a selfie ;)

Shuping skipping away

Angelyn transferring the ping pong balls to another cup

Team 1’s selfies

Team 2’s selfies

Team 3’s selfies

Team 4’s selfies


*drum rollll*

Team 1 and Team 3 were the winners for the relay games, and they chose to be the defenders for the Running Man game.

Second game: Running Man

There would be 2 teams as defenders and the other 2 teams as chasers. The defenders were given 10 minutes to hide, and chasers had bells tied to their ankles. The location where they were allowed to run was block B to D, level 3 to 5. Staff room areas and restrooms were restricted areas. The game lasted for 30 minutes, and we played two rounds. During the second round of the game, we switched roles, hence whichever teams were the defenders would now be the chasers, and vice versa.

Camwhore while hiding at the rooftop

Protecting their nametags






Everyone had fun, however good times had to come to an end. We concluded the scores and Team 1 was the winner!


We had a feedback session before concluding the day, such as, there should be more manpower to plan and execute this event. More engaging games to have more interaction with one another. There were some last minute changes to the game rules, and it caused confusion. We hope that there will be more games day to interact and bond further with everyone. Last of all, thank you for your enthusiasm and participation!