Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ISATE Registration by EMRS Team 2 & 4

Team 2 and 4 from EMRS was tasked to plan and execute ISATE registration. It was held at Theatre of the Arts (TFA) from Tuesday to Thursday, 23rd September 2014 to 25th September 2014. Our objective of this event is to learn about the process of planning and execution of a registration event.

Initially before the planning, we thought planning a registration was easy but it was the opposite of what we thought.

Pre-event preparation:

The preparation time for this event was more than a week. The first task we did was to decide on the registration booth name. Our team brainstormed and decided to categorise it according to their surname by alphabetical order. Trust us, it was the toughest decision made throughout the event.
Both OIC, Kenneth and Ming Yan, split up their roles as there was a lot of task needed to be done. Kenneth was in-charge in working with the School of Engineering (SEG) to print the name tags for the participants and Ming Yan was in-charge of getting all the logistics and items ready for ISATE.

Packing of ISATE Goodie Bags at B409! 

Goodies Bags transported to TFA
  Getting ready for tomorrow event! 


Racky of event site! 

Setting up the site! 

Except for the first day of the event, both teams had to report super early at 7.30am to get ready for the event.

Team 2 & 4 all ready! :)

Start of Registration 
Busy Busy~ ^^

Wenxin at the new registration booth. :)

Selfie Time during the not so peek period~
Say Cheeseeeee!^^

Back to work!
Queue Masters all ready :)


We packed up and tally the goodies bags with the registered participants. Everyone play a part in clearing up the event site and returning of the logistics. 

1..2..3.. Smile! :)
Team 2 & 4 with our supervisiors

And this marks the end of our ISATE event with Team 2 & 4. The event was successful with great teamwork and cooperation by all our team members. ^^