Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Mr. Bokka Factory" Mini Roadshow by Team 4

Our group organised a mini roadshow on the 9th of September, from 10:30AM to 3:30PM outside NYP Shopping Arcade. Our main objective for this event is to learn about planning and executing a mini event roadshow effectively and efficiently.

Pre-Event Preparation:
Before the actual event, we had to brainstorm ideas for the roadshow. Our theme, types of products to bring in, and also the promotional collaterals. Our theme is "Mr. Bokka Factory", as we were inspired by the idea of Candyland such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Through our choice of unique theme, we hope to be able to attract consumers who wish to return to the land of fantasy which is filled with candies and chocolates.

Here is the primary sketch of "Mr. Bokka""!
In the progress.....

Ta-da! Our finalized "Mr. Bokka"!

This is another decoration we have come up with to attract the attention of the consumers. The Candyland Tree!
Never forget to clean up our mess!

Off we go to collect our stocks!

Doing our last round of mock up display before the actual event!
On the actual day of event, we have divided ourselves into 3 groups. Namely booth, mobile team 1 and mobile team 2! In the respective teams, we further divided ourselves to take onto different roles such as finance, logistics and promoter!
We split the types of stocks so as to ensure that we do not overlap out selling, and that we can target the same group of consumers with different choices of snacks!
We prepared ourselves in the morning, dividing the workload and moving the stocks to the event venue. Teamwork makes work easier!

Introducing to you our friendly booth girls!

Friendly staff on the prowl
Mobile team on the prowl
Post-Event Evaluation:
We packed the remaining stocks, cleared the event venue and moved back to our room and we started with our calculation of sales and also tallying the number of stocks left.
And this marks the end of our first mini roadshow together as a team! We feel that teamwork is very important in order to work together for an event, and with our cooperation as a team, we managed to make the event a success!