Friday, November 8, 2013

“Buy To Save” Event by EMRS Team 3

‘Buy to save’ event is a continuity to the ‘style it forward’ event organised by the Singapore committee for UN women. It aims to sell pre-loved designer handbags, apparel and accessories collected at ‘style it forward ‘to raise funds for the women and young girls in Singapore who are at risk of violence and abuse.

Pre- Event
Before the event, we had to plan for the duty roster and the layout of the floor plan. 

We went down to the Forum Shopping mall on Friday, 1 November to put up the donated items for the actual event.

The donated items were sorted accordingly to the prices assigned by the UN women volunteers.

We were tasked to tag the donated items

After tagging the clothes, we hung them on racks.

We assisted to push the racks to the event site.


On the event day, we were assigned to roles like Usher, Merchandiser and Replenisher.

The usher was stationed at the entrance and exit for crowd control.

Membership brochures were giving out by the UN volunteers at the entrance.

 The merchandiser assisted the customer who needed help and ensured that the racks were neatly arranged.

Price tags of sales items.

Our staff arranging the shoes booth and the clothing racks. 

The replenisher was in in charge of replenishing the donated items when they were running low at the event venue. 

Our staff at the storage room sorting out the donated items.


On the last day of the event, we managed to sell off most of the donated items and the event was a success! We were tasked to help out with the packing of the donated items.

Boxes containing the unsold items.