Tuesday, November 19, 2013

'Time Out, Chill Now!' Cheers Mini Roadshow by EMRS Team 3

The mini road show for EMRS team 3 was held outside MSC studio along level 2 corridor of SBM block on the 14th of November 2013. The products that we sold were drinks and snacks. Some of drinks included the popular Pokka green tea, Banana milk and Hot Kid. Some of the snacks that we brought in were Pocky, Hello Panda, Kit Kat, Mentos and many more. The event kicked off  at 10:30 am and it ended at 3:30 pm.


For this event, our team were given 2 weeks to plan. On the first week of EMRS, we had to appoint the OIC (overall-in-charge). After much discussion the OIC role went to Wayne Loong. Gillot took on the A&P IC and Donovan took on the logistics IC role. Firstly, we had to come out with a theme that would attract our target market which are teenagers. After 2-3 days, we finally decided on a theme revolving around the "relaxing feel" while our slogan was "Time Out, Chill Now!"

Wayne colouring the box :)

Gillot, Yi Ying & Donovan doing up the banner :)

Our team having fun designing the banner :) 
Stella and Donovan designing the box with black stripes of paper :)
Before the actual day of the mini road show, we placed our poster stands at strategic locations within NYP. We placed it near the escalator at the atrium, outside North canteen, outside Koufu and outside the Fast food canteen. 

Our poster for the mini road show :)


On the 14th of November, we arrived at the EMRS room at 9am sharp and then we went to get our products and fixtures for our booth. As there were a lot of products, we took some time in setting up the booth and we completed it by 10:15am, 15 minutes before the stipulated time. Next we started our booth sales and mobile selling. Our team decided on a minimum of 3 people to be stationed at the counter at all times while the rest to do mobile selling. Our mobile sellers also managed to bring some people back to the stall to buy more products as the stall has more varieties.

Our banner "Time Out,Chill Now!" :)

Stella and Yi Ying touching up on the decorations. ^^

Thinking how we should place our products.

The OIC (Wayne Loong) in the thick of the action :)

Our Pokka Green Tea stand :)

EMRS team 3 ! HUAT AH ! <(^.^)>

Throughout the whole course of the event, from planning to executing, we experienced working together as a team. We realized the importance of teamwork and team cooperation as without these factors we would not be able to execute the mini road show successfully. Our efforts paid off as we achieved our sales target and we even SMASHED the all time record for the highest sales for the mini road shows that EMRS has held all these years.