Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mini Roadshow "Journey @ NYP" by Team 2

On the 14th of November 2013, an interesting mini roadshow was planned and executed by us, EMRS TEAM 2! We were tasked to liaise with our school's very own MSC Studio and consign products from them to sell. MSC has their own respective suppliers which carries various items such as fashion apparels, gift items, IT accessories and cosmetic products. The duration of the event was from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. 


To start off, we were given two weeks to plan out this event. However, we had limited time as we had another event prior to this which was the Cheers Challenge Registrations and Briefing. We only had 5 days to plan, finalize the details, theme and props. The first step for us in the initial planning phase was to assign roles such as who would be the overall-in-charge, logistics, finance and one in charge for the advertising and promotions. 

Check out our uber cool banner, movie clappers
 and our styro-made film camera!

After a few hours of brain storming, the team had finally decided a theme which is "Journey". The reason why we chose this theme was to 'remind' students of the items they have used or would still be using from year 1 to year 3 during their poly life and evoke their memories. We want students to know that there is something in MSC that is suitable for them regardless of what year they are in. In addition, by organizing a roadshow outside the shopping arcade, which is near the link way and where the human traffic is high, it drew more potential customers and helped in creating more brand awareness for the products. Moreover, since our products on sale are very useful to all students throughout their NYP journey, we aimed to spur their inner emotions and needs that would lead them from buying our products.

Our second step was to head down to the MSC studio and check out their wide range of interesting products that we would be bringing to our mini roadshow and what we have thought would interest the students and staff the most. We have decided to bring in NYP shirts, singlets, IT accessories, made in candies, Samsung covers and so much more!

So thus began our props-making!
Half-way through the completion of our props with happy faces!
(Decorating our colourful mobile polaroid booth. Choo chooo!)
Mustache-mania for our polaroid booth :D

Overall, we managed to pull through with our planned decors and maximised all the resources we had which were mostly recycled materials due to the limited budget that was given to us. We were really proud of the styro-made film camera props that we had because many people acknowledged that they thought it was real! Hard work paid off yeaaahhh. :)


On the actual day, which was on a Thursday, we were all prepared to set up the booth and execute the event. We finalized all our props, posters, products and as a team, we went down to the event site at 10:00 am so that we could set up everything by 10:30 am. We had properly allocated the manpower duties to ensure the smooth flow of the operation. So there was basically 4 people assigned to man the booth and 4 people to do mobile selling. For mobile selling, our main tactic was to promote our Polaroid films. In order for it to be attractive, we sold the films individually for $1.10 and we brought along a colourful border and props. Moreover, we also assigned only one crew to manage the sales memo and another one to take care of the cashier duty to ensure that no discrepancy would happen with our cash and luckily there was none. :) 

A fantastic journey with Team 2!

Throughout the mini roadshow, from the start to the end, we experienced working together in a team. We realized the importance and the impact of good team work as the whole planning and executing process requires effort from each individual in order to make the event a success. Our efforts were paid off as we almost doubled our sales target! All in all, the journey team 2 experienced was certainly fun, exciting and educational! Kudos to TEAM 2!