Monday, October 28, 2013

“Style It Forward” collection drive by EMRS Team 3

The UN Women is an organization that aims to help the women and young girls in Singapore who are at risk of violence and abuse. This event aims to collect pre-loved items from willing donors, sell them at another event to raise funds to help these women and girls.

Before the actual event, a lot of planning had to be done. We had to plan for the floor plan and the duty roster. We were also involved in the designing of the backdrop for the event. We also went down to the Hilton hotel for a briefing of the event.
During the event we were separated into 2 shifts consisting of 4 people each. There were 2 roles for each shift, the front-line and the back-end.

The front-line staff was in charge of the collection of the donors’ particulars and moving the donated items to the storage room.

Our front-line staff collecting the items and particulars of the donor.
Our staff updating the donors’ particulars.

Our front-line staff bringing the donated items to the storage room.

The following items were given to our donors for their kind donations. The items consisted of a 10% Club21 voucher, a BAZAAR magazine and also a 3 month complimentary e-subscription to the BAZAAR magazine.

Voucher and instructions of the e-magazine subscription.

Magazines that were given out to the donors.

The back-end staff was in charge of sorting out the donated items into different categories and packing them.

The volunteers and our staff working together at the storage room to sort out the items.

Our staffs sealing the boxes after it is filled up.

On the last day of the event we collected 36 boxes of items from 118 donors! We were tasked to help the volunteers in the packing up the items.

The stack of boxes containing the donated items.

People in charge of planning for the event.

All the staff from EMRS Team 3