Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cheers Design Challenge Briefing

On Wednesday, 6 November 2013, we had our Cheers Challenge Briefing.

For the pre-event, we managed to set everything up on time. We prepared for the participants arrival by adding more chairs in the briefing room as the response from the participants were amazing. The room was filled. Thankfully, we planned to add more chairs to accommodate them in case more people turn up for the briefing.

We assigned two of our team members for the registration and the rest, to help the participants to look for their allocated seats. Each team was given a team number and were seated according to the seat plan that we have prepare. Having a seat plan was great as they were seated immediately as they entered the room.

Mr Sudesh briefing the Participants
 The briefing was held to give the participants a wider overview about the contest. The briefing was done by none other than our supervisor, Mr Sudesh. It was a chance for the participants to clear their doubts about the contest. The briefing was also attended by Mr Peter, General Manager of Cheers.
Mr Sudesh having a chat with Mr Peter of Cheers

  The briefing ended on a good note and we had a few key learning points:

    -Always check up on our posters

   -Have a proper area for our team to seat during briefing time

   -Proper crowd management

   -Maximising the use of resources

   -Manage the seating plan well

Team 2 , We made it!

Published by: Robin Silva