Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WDA-Spring Career Fair 2013 by Team 4

On 20 November 2013,  EMRS team 4 executed a retail career fair which was sponsored by WDA and Spring Singapore at the atrium from 12:00pm to 5.00pm.

Our theme of this career fair is "Propaganda"
Our Slogan is "Go Get A Job" (GGAJ)


During our planning session, we split into 2 teams which each held either the responsibility of floor planning or marketing.
For the floor planning team, they were in charge of all landscaping and manpower allocation done on the actual event day. On the other hand, the marketing team were in charge of all publicity issues and poster designs.    

Our team members put on make up to suit the propaganda theme in order to make an impression for the publicity as well as marketing collaterals for our event.

Why did we choose Propaganda?

The reason why we went with the theme of Propaganda for this Job Fair is due to the stereotype that jobs tend to carry a very serious attitude, which is usually associated with words such as "Discipline, Taxing, Relentless" and furthest away from words such as "Fun, Upbeat, Cheerful". We wanted to make a parody out this stereotype, hence we took it to the extreme, first arriving at the theme of 'Dictatorship', then finally at the theme of 'Propaganda'.

Besides the poster, our banner was also designed according to our theme. We had faced many obstacles when we were in the process of the doing and putting up of the banner.
One of these obstacles was the fact that there was already another banner that was 7m x 2.8m place in the exact area that we wanted to display our banner. Other obstacles were the time constrains that we had in producing a banner which was equal in size to the banner already in place. However, eventually we had to settle for a 4m x 1.95m Banner which we then used a 8m x 3m sheet of red cloth to act as a backdrop for our banner, overcoming the issue of having to cover the banner already in place.

   ~Preparation of the background of the banner~ 


Finally the banner is up!


On the actual day, we had Team 3 people to support us in the event. The setting up of the tables and all the fixtures, were according to the floor plan that was drafted for the event.


In total, we have 18 participating companies in our career fair such as Cotton on, Ikea, Fairprice, Starhub and etc. The event has succeeded in attracting many students that were interested in looking for future job prospects.

We also had some performances which attracted more students to come for our event such as singing and dancing done by our very own in house talents.



   The audiences enjoyed our performance!

On the other hand, we also had our mascot "Giraffes" to go around attracting students.

One of our marketing tactic to draw crowd to our career fair by allowing them to take pictures with our cute and adorable mascots.

Our event officially ended at 5pm and everyone from EMRS then came to help with the clearing up of the atrium.

However, this event would also be the last events for our DBI STUDENTS. The experiences, emotions and insights gained while we were working with each other will be treasured by them for years to come.
Last but not least, we would like to thank the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and Spring Singapore who sponsored the event.
Next, we would like to thank the following companies who participated in the career fair.