Sunday, July 1, 2012

Youthday Event

EMRS Team 2 was tasked to organise and execute a youthday event at the linkway in school from 25th - 27th June 2012.

Joellen & Miko volunteered to be the OICs for this event with Jasmine Liyaw & Wei Ling voluntering to be the A&P ICs, while Niko & Sally as the logistics IC. The rest of the team members also played their part in actively helping out with the respective OICs.

The theme that we have decided on for the event was race track inspired and we named our event, "Marathon of a shopaholic". This is because when giving a theme to this event, we wanted to make sure it is related to the youths in Singapore. The current "In" thing would be the race events in Singapore.

We had several decors that emphasizes on the theme, and brings out the Race Track idea vividly. To add on, the team managed to get 12 vendors selling a variety of items. They include Gif3rd, The Stella To, Pixie Fairies (Ran by a student from NYP) which are selling female appparels, Badangdang, Alescere, E.L.F, Phone Accessories, Faburikku, Aquila, Shalom Crafts selling accessories and lastly Snackup selling oil-free keropok. A total of 4 apparels, 1 makeup, 5 accessories and 1 Food vendor that were brought in.

The team had a hard time trying to choose a suitable theme and many ideas were brought up. Not only that, the team had to decide on what are the necessary materials to be bought, having only a SGD80 budget.

There were also many things needed to be done by the logistics and fixtures needed by the respective vendors have to be constantly updated. The ICs also needed to monitor the fixtures available for the vendors.

In the first day of the event, none of the team members knew what to expect. Some were tensed and worried while others were relaxed and lazy. The day started out slightly hectic as there were still some decoration needed to be put up at the linkway. Vendors trickled in one after another and soon the place was packed with vendors and their products. Besides, fixtures were all over the place as the logistics team had used the wrong floor plan.

However, the team managed to overcome all odds as the event eventually went on smoothly and everyone's mood got better and became a little less tensed. Sales were good for most vendors except for The Stella To which did not do too well as their selection of clothes were not as much as the other vendors. not only that, the price was slightly higher than the other vendors. In the end, the vendor decided to head back early and later, pulled out of the event.

At the end of day 1, we realized the mistakes that we have made and planned to tackle the problems and act efficiently for the next two days of the event.

As we are more familiar in the setting-up process, we were able to set up smoother and faster on the second and third day of the event.

On the last day of the event, we started the A&P tear down at 4pm sharp so as to increase our efficiency of bringing down the decorations. The OIC's delegated jobs to all the team members and ensured that each and every member has a role to play during the tear down.

We managed to complete the tear-down by 5.25pm and we had a debrief by the OIC's. We felt that we did a good job for the whole youth event, beginning from the A&P designs to our logistics side. Even though there were misunderstandings and mistakes that we made during the entire 3 days, we managed to improve each day and made the whole experience of the Youth Event a meaningful one.