Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hada Labo Talk.

A Hada Labo talk was organised by Team 2 on 15 June 2012 and Fathin was appointed the overall in-charge of this event.

Initially Ms Elaine Heng, an image consultant, was contacted to participate in the upcoming Youth Day event. However, due to the unsuitable environment, the talk was postponed to another date as an event by itself.

With only one week to organise and prepare for the event, Fathin had to plan the manpower needed for the event, such as logisticsand registration helpers. Besides that, we also needed an emcee. But no one volunteered and hence Fathin ended up being the emcee herself.

On the day of the Hada Labo event:

Before the event started, Fathin and the team set up the necessary fixtures that were needed such as the table, table cloth and the sound system at LTD5.

Ms Heng arrived at 1:45pm and the students started pouring in at 2:00pm to the lecture theatre. I welcomed the students and Ms Heng as an opening speech and Ms Heng then proceeded with her talk.

Ms Heng shared with us on the proper way of washing our face and the number of steps needed to obtain a clean and healthy face. She also showed us the different products that Hada Labo has.


She interacted with the students and demonstrated how Hada Labo moisturizing lotion worked by asking for a volunteer. Fathin, being the OIC, volunteered as nobody dared to volunteer. Ms Heng tested the moisture level of Fathin's skin which was at 30.2 ( relatively low she said ) and then applied the moisturizing lotion. After several minutes, Fathin's moisture level actually went up to 52.6, which was a significant improvement.

Nearing the end of the talk, Ms Heng played a mini quiz with the students. For every correct answer, the student will receive a full size Hada Labo product as a prize. The students were all excited and everyone participated actively.

The talk ended with a round of applause as a show of our appreciation to Ms Heng. All the students enjoyed themselves and brought home with them more tips on how they can better take care of their skin. Fathin and the team then proceeded to give out the samples of the Super Hyaluronic acid hydrating lotion as a door gift to all the students who have attended the talk.