Monday, July 16, 2012

WGSN Event

The WGSN Event:
The WGSN-HomeBuildLife Seminar was held at Nanyang Polytechnic, Theatre for the Arts, on 6th July 2012 morning. It was organized by EMRS team 2, Jasmine Liyaw and Wei Ling as OIC(Overall-In-Charge), Jeffrey(Logistics-In-Charge), Ronald(Technician) and the others as ushers. WGSN provided the speaker for this event and the guests included the industry partners invited by Singapore Furniture Industries Council Institute Pte Ltd and students from the School Of Design in Nanyang Polytechnic.

During the rehearsal:
A rehearsal was held a day before the actual event to ensure that all the procedures were carried out in an orderly manner. The rehearsal started at 2.15pm. Queue stands were set-up by Niko, Jeffrey and Ronald whereas tables, table cloth, chairs, poster stands were set-up by the rest of the team members and positioned to their respective places.

The sound system, light system and microphones were tested to ensure that they were workable. The introduction video and songs were also tested at the rehearsal to ensure that they can be played.

The rehearsal ended at 4.30pm. We identified some problems but managed to rectify them to ensure that the same problems do not happen on the actual event.

“Testing out Microphones”

“Trying to visualize the situation for the actual event” 

"Posing as the Chairman"

The Actual WGSN Event:
It was the day of the event. Not one was in bad shape,instead everyone in the team was in their best condition, wearing a neat formal attire. Moreover, lanyards were given to each one of us in the team to identify ourselves the event. 

There were mainly four ushers for this big event - Miko, Joellen, Jasmine Chua and Niko. All the ushers had different duties - Miko and Joellen would be directing the guests and students to their seats, holding microphones for Q&A, and Joellen would be directing Mr.Neo to the stage.As for Niko, his role was to direct the VIP to their respective parking lots and to the atrium. After which, Jasmine Chua would take over at the atrium and direct guests to the Theatre Of Arts.

Fathin, Jasmine Liyaw, and Jeffrey handled the registration with Fathin as the IC. They were required to mark attendance and give out a goodie bag.

The two OICs, Jasmine Liyaw and Wei Ling were tasked to oversee the overall event which includes the registration, ushers and F&B sponsored by WGSN.

There was a huge responsibility for the technician role. Jeffrey and Ronald were involved in the technical procedures with the help of a school technician called Michael. It was the most crucial part of the event as it contributes to the success of the event. For example, the music, presentation slides and video had to be well-coordinated to ensure that the event proceeds seamlessly.

“An exquisite display of Theatre of Arts” 

“Goodie bags for the important guests”

“Our Overall-In-Charge girls taking care of things.”

“Three excited members at the registration table waiting for the arrival of guests”

“Ushers showing the way”

“The Actual Event” 
“The speaker for the event posing a shot with our members

To sum up, it was indeed a great experience. It was a big eye opener for us, looking at how such a big scale indoor event was planned. Invitation, ushering, backstage light control, media control, refreshments arrangement were good learning points for us. It was really a fun event. The event ended with a treat of the refreshments provided at the event.