Monday, July 23, 2012

EMRS team-building games for S1R3

During the first week of our S1R3 EMRS stopover, the administrators were asked to organize the team-building games for all the team members. We were given a total of S$20 to decide on the prizes for the teams.

Apart from just serving the purpose of strengthening relationships, forging closer bonds and building trust between the EMRS members, these team-building games also provided them with an opportunity to take a break from the tedious preparation for the upcoming campus mini roadshow.

There were many considerations to be taken when planning for the games. Some considerations include (i) The games have to be interesting so that there is active participation, (ii) Materials required for the games, e.g. ball, masking tape, etc., (iii) the space required to play the different games.

After much planning, we came up with a total of 4 games, namely; Amoeba, Island, Picture Guess and Dog ‘N Bone. We decided on these 4 games as they were very energy and time consuming games, which involves much running around.

              Phimol, from Team 3, volunteered to ‘break the ice’ at the beginning of the event.

In order to allow the both teams to get to know each other in a stopover, we started off with an ice-breaker game called “Concentration”. ‘Amoeba’ and ‘Island’ were played so that both teams are able to mingle around. We proceeded on to ‘Draw Something’’ and ‘Dog ‘N Bone’, in which both teams played separately in their teams. These are some of the pictures taken during each game:

  1. Concentration

Some of the team mates doing their ‘four-feet’; modelling (and posing for the camera

      2.  Amoeba

This time, the winning ones got to do their ‘four-feet’; pole-dancing.

       3.   Island

        4.  Draw Something

Everyone is paying attention to guess the word each representative is trying to draw.

        5. Dog ‘N’ Bone


The team-building event took about 2 hours. Most of the team members gave positive reviews about this event. As the organizers, we are also able to witness the enthusiasm. Even though the preparation of this event was exhausting, it was a fulfilling experience to see that everything went well-planned.