Wednesday, July 25, 2012

EMRS Team 3 Mini Roadshow on 17 July 2012

Team 3 was tasked to organise a mini-roadshow at the linkway outside MacDonald selling MSC products. The roadshow was held on 17 July 2012 from 10.30am to 3.30pm.
Planning is something very important in EMRS. We have to plan ahead and try to foresee what may go wrong on the day itself, and also try to picture whether our A&P designs appeal to our potential customers.

As a team we came out with the list of MSC products that we felt would be sellable and from there, we proceeded to determine the quantity needed for each product.

Before the roadshow, we brainstormed for A&P ideas.

Looking through the products that we were taking from MSC, we realised that most of the items can be found in our bedroom such as handphone cables, masks, nail polishes, soft toys and pillows as well and hence we decided on a bedroom theme.

 Finally, it’s 17 July 2012. It is time to showcase our designs and and market our products to the customers.

Setting up the booth as quickly as possible. We have limited time and everybody is rushing!

 Our signage !!
We used this cute bear to direct our potential customers to our booth.

In the midst of setting up the booth.

We worked together as a team and managed to complete set-up at by 10.15am.

And finally, our completed booth!

It was a challenge drawing customers to our booth initially. However, at lunch time, our booth started to get more packed as some of us had to work non-stop. One would be writing sales memo, another will be handling cash and the change for customers.

Sales were good as we managed to hit our sales target by 1:30pm.

However, it started to rain just after lunch, resulting in fewer customers patronising our booth. Hence, we activated our mobile sellers in an attempt to push up the sales. Although the rain slowed down the sales, we did not give up and persisted to the end.

Our sweet and friendly mobile sellers!

Orgainsing this mini roadshow was a totally new experience for most of us. After the whole event, we all felt a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Looking back at the roadshow, all of us now understand the importance of proper planning and execution of an event.

Team work is also a must regardless of the nature of the event. Together we can achieve more!

Here is a short video clip of what happened during the roadshow!