Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jewel Fest 12th July 2012 @ Marina Bay Sands

On the 12th of July 2012, the EMRS team went for a field trip to Marina Bay Sands to attend an International  Jewellery Show. We were told beforehand to wear something formal so as to fit in to the theme of the show.
When the day arrived, we all gathered at the Bay Front MRT station at 1pm, we made our way to the Exhibition Hall where the event was held. We were all excited and took pictures along the way as we didn’t know what to expect of the event.
 After registering, we were each given a special visitor pass. When everyone has gotten their passes, we were briefed by the supervisors on what we had to do for this trip. We were given a set of questions that were to be answered by the end of the trip.
The questions include, the theme of the event, the logistics and A&P materials used and also the best and the worst exhibitor.  Here are some pictures that were taken during the day:

Floor Plan of the event
Ms Siow briefing us on what to lookout for at the event

Biggest logistics used in the entire event

A picture with a kind exhibitor

Mining for rocks! Interesting activity to engage customers.

Our very own Deborah won herself an Amethyst! Good job!
Seminar Area
After an hour had passed, all the teams gathered back at the meeting point after an hour and discussed their findings regarding the event. We discussed which exhibitor did a good job showcasing their products and which ones didn’t.
Within half an hour, the discussion ended and our two supervisors came to give us a mini debrief.
The field trip was a success as it broadened our minds regarding events management. It showed us how the professionals plan events and we can definitely use these tips in our future events. I would recommend more of such field trips so that students would have a better idea on how to plan an event.