Wednesday, August 1, 2012

'Snack Haven'- Mini Roadshow by EMRS Team 2

Fancy a snack to satisfy your craving or some chilled drinks to quench your thirst?

Team 2 was assigned to selling ‘Cheers’ items for the mini roadshow, which was carried out along the NYP Link way, on Tuesday, 17 July 2012, from 10:30AM to 3:30PM. Our booth was set up at the back, next to Team 3’s booth and it was called the ‘Snack Haven’.


We were given about a week to prepare for this internal event. The ICs for respective roles were decided; Hamdan was the overall IC, Marilyn was in-charge of the A&P, Adeline Seah was in-charge of the Logistics and Wang Peng was in-charge of the Finance role. The rest of the members will be helping them out. We were given S$20 to prepare for this event.

We started out by sourcing for stocks in the ‘Cheers’ store to sell at our booth. As the booth space is a constraint for the team to display and store the stocks, we have to determine some of the most popular products to sell, so that sales is high and return of the stocks is low.

Then, we proceeded on to brainstorm the theme of our booth. The team went through many considerations when a range of different ideas were suggested in this discussion. Our preparation to set up the theme at our booth consists mainly on determining the design of our decorations, our dress code and how we will display our items. We spent a total of S$16.65  on these.

Some of the team members preparing the props for the booth

Later, we decided on the fixtures we will need to set up the booth. We also did a trial set-up of the booth the day before the event to determine the time we require to set up the booth.

On the Event

A total of 6 members were assigned to mobile-selling around the campus while the rest will be at the booth. The team mates who participated in the mobile-selling made several trips around the different schools in the campus, before and after the lunch break. Bringing the snacks and the drinks to the students and sell it to them managed to rocket the total sales of the event.

Setting up of the booth as fast as possible

Finally, the event ended promptly on time. We had fun throughout the process. 

Moreover, even though the return of the fixtures and the stock count at the end were tedious, it was a fulfilling experience as we have learnt how to take responsible in the things we do.