Sunday, October 11, 2015

Event Study Trip 2015 @ Changi Airport

Pre Event
We were given the opportunity to plan for an event study trip for the whole EMRS team. We started planning for this event 2 weeks in advance, 29 September 2015. Prior to the actual date, we went to different places such as the Airforce Museum, Sentosa and Changi Airport to find out if they were suitable for hosting our event.

One of the challenges we faced while planning for the study trip is the haze condition. Our initial plan was to head to Sentosa for a Fort Siloso Tour, however, the haze condition worsened and we had to scrap that whole idea! We were halfway through with the planning and we were only a week away before the actual event date. We overcame it by researching for other iconic locations in Singapore.

Our final choice was narrowed down to Changi Airport as it had a large indoor space for games. We then headed down to Changi Airport for a site visit to plan an amazing race there.
These are some of the places we shortlisted for the games when we went for a site visit.

One of the photo taking stations!

Iconic windmill

One of the game stations!

While we were walking around Changi Airport, we came across the different SG50 exhibitions all around the airport. Thus, we decided to incorporate the information from the exhibitions into the games stations. We came up with the idea of a form of an amazing race so that it will make it entertaining and educational.

This is the game station that the teams were required to get answers from.

The operations that go on behind the scenes of Changi Airport!

More fun facts about Changi Airport’s trains!

After collating all our photos, we headed back to school to continue planning the games. We had randomized groupings for each team so as to allow everyone to get to know members of other teams better!

Just as we thought that that there would be no other problems, another problem came up! The SG50 exhibitions in Changi Airport will be taken down on 30 September! Thus we had to shift forward our event by 3 days, shortening our planning time. Despite having to plan the event in 4 days we managed to pull it off with everyone’s contributions!

Event Day
On 29 September 2015, the whole EMRS team met at Changi Airport Terminal 2 near Starbucks at 10am. After briefing everyone and sorting them out to their different groups, we kicked off the amazing race at 10.30am sharp.

CY hyping himself up for the games!

Ms Yong and Ms Choo!

Things happened too quickly…
Most of the teams completed 8 of the 12 missions given to them before lunch. Hence, at 11.30am we had a time freeze for everyone. During the time freeze, each team was required to answer questions and to do a skit about it!!

Singa Lion is our new friend!

Posing in front of SG50!

Photo booth time!

Collin having fun with tissues!

Our mystery person!

Hello Mr Sudesh!

Everyone went for lunch break with their teams at 12pm. After the 1.5hr lunch break, the amazing race resumed and all the teams dispersed and went on to their next mission.

Post Event
After an exhilarating 5 hours in Changi Airport, the first team that reached the final destination consisted of Darryl, Melissa, Alson, Han Ming, Yao Su, Kai Qin and Regena! The rest of the teams arrived minutes after that, looking very tired as they all had a long day in the airport.

Photo taking in progress!

Serious discussion between the supervisors during the debrief!

Our lovely EMRS team

After everyone had arrived at the meeting location, we all headed upstairs with our 4 supervisors for a prize presentation! All teams received prizes as we wanted to reward them for their hard work and enthusiasm the whole day. It was then followed by a short debrief from our team and supervisors. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the amazing race despite not being the winning team and it has definitely created a stronger bond among all the teams!