Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mid Autumn Sales Event 2015 - Team 4

Annual Mid-Autumn Festival Sales 

Date: 8-10 September 2015
Time: 11am to 5pm
Venue: Block A, Level 2, outside D' Studio
Objective: Promoting the custom of consuming Moon-cakes during the festival by bringing the convenience of purchasing to school.

We started planning for the event from 27th August 2015 and managed to confirm our moon-cake vendors by 1st September 2015. We sourced for another new brand, Gin Thye, to the existing three brands from 2014. In addition, we decided to sell tea as a complementary product and managed to get Teapal to work with us. After the vendors were all confirmed, our marketing team begin to design and create our A&P.

Pre-event preparation
1. Fixtures
our team wanted to use the poster stands from the logistics room however they were old and scratched so they would not look nice if we were to use it for our booth. Our team came up with a solution to buy black spray paint and sprayed it black.

2. Decorations
We came up with this design (color scheme and banner) as we felt that it suits the mid autumn concept and the lanterns were colorful which brightened the overall booth.


 These are the list of tea benefits.

This is the catalogue for our moon-cakes and tea samples.

 We had seven tea samples which we served in small plastic cups throughout the event.

 These are the Bakerzin samples which included our best selling product called the Mini Momo Collection (the top row in the picture above)

 These are the Thye Moh Chan's samples which consists of Sweet, Salty Tau Sar, Teochew Double Delight and Yuan Yang.

These are the Gin Thye's samples which consists of 8 Treasures Walnut and 8 Treasure Yam moon-cake.

 Our team mate, Sonia, was cutting moon-cake samples. 

Our team mates promoting tea products to a staff.

We decided to create an extra booth stationed outside Koufu to promote the Crispy skin products on the last day, 10th September 2015 (Thye Moh Chan and Crispy Yam).

Mobile Promoters
 We knocked on every door of the lecturers' room, bringing along mooncake samples with us. This made it more convenient for them to purchase our products. To make it easier for the lecturers, we even made deals on the spot and paid for them directly at D'Studio. We realised that it is also because of this method that led to a large increase of sales. 
Sales Performance
On the 15th September at 5pm, we closed orders and did a final collation of sales.Team 4 made a total sales of $5325.50, 108 boxes of moon-cakes and 27 boxes of tea.

 This is a team photo taken during one of our debriefs of sampling.

Team photo taken to mark the success of the Mid-Autumn Festival Sales 2015.

Collation of orders and emailing to vendors
We collated the orders by combining all orders in an excel sheet. After all orders are checked repeatedly by various members of our team, we then emailed our orders to the various vendors.

Delivery of orders to school
The orders are all delivered on the 21st September 2015, during different hours of the day. Firstly, Teapal delivered their products to us promptly in the early afternoon. It is then followed by Gin Thye, then Breadtalk & Thye Moh Cham. However, the delivery of  Bakerzin mooncakes are a little delayed but it was still a smooth process in receiving the goods. We double-checked the quantity of our products on the spot and all of the goods are in good condition.

Distribution of Moon-cakes and Tea
We had a collection room at B409 where our customers can go directly to the room to collect their orders. Alternatively, our customers can also opt for room delivery where we delivered their mooncakes and tea directly to their rooms. We went into different teams to deliver the mooncakes and tea to the various blocks in school.

This is one of our satisfied customers who opted for room delivery. 

In conclusion, it was a successful event where everything went so smoothly. This is also a very insightful event for all of us. We get a picture on how events are planned and executed. We have indeed learnt a lot of hands-on and practical skills that can be applied in our future career experience. This event also bonded us together as we worked towards the sales target that we had and eventually, achieved more than what we have expected. We would like to thank Ms Yong and Ms Choo for their constant guidance and suggestions that helped to make this event such a successful one.