Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mini Events Roadshow "Snacks Heaven"


Our team was given the opportunity to organize a roadshow for our first event. We were required to source for external vendors to give us a feel on how to run an actual event in the future. For the first 2 weeks, our team was deciding on the theme, products and vendors that would be suitable for our event. After rounds of discussion, we decided to work with Munch Munch and Gelato Art.

Munch Munch is a snack retailer which provides a wide range of products which we can choose from. It has stores located at Chinatown Point and Fusionapollis. They also provide service online for customers to make their purchases.

Gelato Art is a Gelato company that has a retail shop at Clementi and they also provide catering for bigger events.

Pre Event:

Vendor selection:
We decided to work with Munch Munch and Gelato Art as they were easier to work with as compared to other food retailers like Biscuit King. They offered us favourable terms and were easy to communicate with.

Advertising & Promotions(A&P):

This is our A&P team working hard on the flyers and posters!

After many rounds of design, our team was able to deliver a stunning poster. The poster had gone through much scrutiny and our team worked tirelessly to come up with the banner for the booth as well. The mobile sales box was also designed and created by them using raw materials which could be found around their homes. Through this event, it has thought us to be more creative as we had limited resources and budget. Therefore, our team had to think out of the box.


Deciding on the budget

Our finance team were in charge of pricing the individual products and deciding the amount of inventory to be brought in. The finance team was also in charge of planning the budget that will be used for A&P and the P&L statement. There were many changes to the pricing of the goods as there were many considerations in deciding the most suitable pricing. Our team did a market survey on the prices that people will pay for a cup of gelato and a packet of snack.



The team preparing the booth the day before the event.

Our team was working hard the day before the event to ensure that everything is in place before the set up. We were also doing final touch ups to the banners and cutting out visual marketing tools to make our booth more outstanding. We printed out the signs announcing the discounts - ‘3 for $7’ for the snacks and ‘2 for $6’ for the ice cream.



Our menu board looks like a chalk board which shows the different old school snacks available and thus ties in with the whole concept of the booth.

Overall view of the booth

Jenga (Lucky Draw) station
Games Booth:
We had different games stations as well so that customers could have fun playing the games while buying old school snacks. We had Jenga, five stones and a marble games stations. We also had interesting facts such as the history of the games on the table. For the customers to win the Starbucks card, they would need to play 2 games and clock in the fastest time. The two games are pick up marbles and five stones, which are common games that are played when we were young. Therefore, through playing the games, we would like customers to reminisce about their childhood days and it allows the people at the booth to communicate with the customers as well. This helps to build stronger customer relationships and the customers might be able to spread the word of mouth around.

On the first day of our event, we realized that our attractive prize were not obvious enough. Hence, on the second day, we decided to put up a clearer sign:

Lecturer playing our marble game!

And this did made more people want to try the games available at the booth to win the prize. Therefore, by just making the Starbucks prize sign bigger it attracted more people to the booth.

Our “HAPPY BROTHERS” mobile sellers:

Teardown of booth after 2 hectic days

Congratulations to the winner of the $10 Starbucks Card (EMRS is fun)

Post Event

After computing the sales for the two days, we have hit our targeted sales of $1,300. However, our team incurred a 10 cents cash discrepancy. Therefore, our team had learnt to be more careful when it comes to handling of cash.

Challenges faced:
However, there were still a few challenges that the team had faced while setting up the booth. For example, due to the haze, our booth had to move in at the last minute as there were safety precautions to follow. Furthermore, some of the fixtures that we took from the fixtures room were not in working conditions which resulted in delay of set up of the booth.

How did we overcome it?
We placed a poster at the original location indicating the change of venue of our event. As for the fixtures, we substituted them with similar fixtures to replace the ones that were not working.


Despite the slight hiccups, our team manage to successfully pull-off this event and hitting the sales target. Through this event, our team has become more bonded with one another and will be looking forward for our next event. :D