Thursday, October 4, 2012

EMRS Team Building Games Part 2

EMRS Team Building Games Part 2
On Friday, 28th September 2012, we had our second Games Day at the sports hall. The objectives of this are to have fun, relieve stress and team-bonding.
We started the day off by playing a card game called the murderer, followed by dodge ball and finally captain ball.
For the murderer game, we arranged the tables and chairs together before we start. After the explanation on how the game is going to be played, everyone was excited and eager to play the game. As some of us do not know how to play the game, no one was killed and no murderers were caught. We realized that it was because the tables were too big and everyone could not see clearly. Thus, we decided to move to the sports hall to continue the game.
At the sports hall, we formed a big circle to continue the game. Since we had one round of trial, we had a better idea of how to play the game. Hence, the game was carried out smoothly.
Next up, it was the dodge ball game! We formed a circle with one team and the other team inside the circle. The team standing on the outside threw the ball at the team inside to eliminate the team inside from the game. The ball was thrown at them for 5 minutes until all the team members were eliminated. The team swapped places for another round before they were dismissed for a short water break.
After the water break, we tried a different formation. Instead of forming a circle, we got the teams to form a rectangle so that the teams have a larger area for everyone to move in. This made the game more challenging and exciting for everyone.


The last game was the captains ball! Initially we intended to use benches at the sports hall. However, we realized that it was unstable and so we used normal chairs instead. We realized that one team had all the tall people, and so they had a competitive advantage over the other. Nevertheless, the other team fought hard with a “never-say-die” spirit and the score was a  close 11-8. We then had a short water break and proceeded with round 2 of captains ball. The score ended up at a very close 8-6.
After a long afternoon of fun-filled activities, everyone was tired and we came back to the EMRS room. At the room, the students said that they find it that it was fun and a good opportunity for them to be more bonded but at the same time, it was somewhat boring as the captains ball was repeated. And home sweet home!