Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moon Cake Event 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival is an auspicious period for the Chinese community, where people usually buy mooncakes to celebrate the event. Therefore, an event was proposed to sell moon cakes to the lecturers and students in Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) that have not bought their mooncakes and are hoping to get it just in time for the festival.

Before the event could commence, a group of students volunteered to call vendors to enquire if they would be interested to collaborate with us. Vendors ranged from hotel brands to local bakeries, such as Goodwood Park, Conrade and BreadTalk.  After much consideration, we selected the vendors which were shortlisted- BreadTalk, Bakerzin, Peach Garden and Tai Thong.

Logos of the vendors we have liaised with J

The initial idea was to use an online site to allow customers to order their mooncakes and print the form out to make payment at our booth in the shopping arcade outside MSC studio. 

Unfortunately, there were technical complications and we could not carry on using the website. This led to Plan B – which required mass email of order forms to all the staff in NYP.
Booths were to be set up for manual ordering and to collect payments. The team came up with the concept to decorate the booth, by making colourful paper lanterns to be hung at the booth as well as labels to indicate the different mooncake brands we were selling. The booth was set outside of MSC studio, the nerve centre of the school where most people converge on at least once a day. 

Decoration of our booth

In addition, the in charge of Advertising & Promoting (A &P) put in effort into designing posters, brochures and order forms with the help from team members and the supervisor. Instructions on the payment were also included. The posters were to create awareness to help market our products.  

Posters done by A & P J

Order forms created by us J

Let the event begin!
The event started on the 12th of September and ended on the 28th of September. The booth was opened for ordering and payment from 12th to 20th of September and the sampling day was set on the 13th for customers to taste the mooncakes and hopefully entice them into buying the mooncakes.  Mobile selling was also done to increase awareness! 

Our booth J

Cutting of the mooncakes J

Sampling at the booth J

One of the 6 signage placed for marketing  

On the 20th of September at 5pm, we stopped taking orders and collated the sales. Even though we may not have achieved our goal of 5000 SGD, we managed to sell more than we expected.

The ordering and delivering of mooncakes were planned by logistics by contacting vendors through calling and emailing to them. Also, we accepted special orders that required delivery on 21st September while the rest of the mooncakes were to be delivered on the 26th and 27th of September.

Mooncake packaging J

The delivery for Tai Thong and Peach Garden were delivered thanks to our helpful supervisor and team members as these brands do not provide delivery services.
Finally, the mooncakes were delivered to all our customers along with a “Thank you” card in appreciation for their support which were handmade by our team members.

Appreciation card specially made by our team <3

Although there were mistakes and unforeseen mishaps, our team persevered and was able to execute the whole event successfully. J