Friday, September 21, 2012


Last Wednesday (5th September 2012), we had our team building games! Both teams were involved in planning the games, Lennard from Team 2 and Khatau from team 3 were the in-charge of the event.

The objective of this event is to bond both teams together, allowing them to interact with one another and of course to have fun! Apart from each team's individual events, this allows both teams to work together as one.

This event consists of various games – starting with the mass dance, followed by an integrated version of running man and lastly, captains' ball.

For the mass dance, we are divided into both our teams. Lennard and Shi Rong guided us with the dance steps for the song "Oppa Gangnam Style". At first were rather reluctant to learn and start dancing as we felt that the dance moves were very awkward. We spent most of the time laughing at each other, and our in-charge Mr Sudesh even joined in to dance with us after much persuasion. With the encouragement from Mr Sudesh, we finally started attempting to dance. After about 5 minutes of practice, Team 2 had a mini dance off against team 3. While Team 2 had some very enthusiastic individuals, (Lennard and Sean did the all the step; the rest were not taught) Team 3 had slightly better team coordination, and the dance ended in a draw.

Shi Rong and Lennard were teaching us the dance steps.

All of us were paying attention to them.

We were trying out the dance moves.

Next, all of us went down to the atrium to continue our second game, which was the integrated version of running man. 12 cards were taken out of the deck with one card to each member, and hidden around the fountain near the atrium. The students were then to find the cards to decide on teams for the next half of the game. For team 2 was required to find all the "hearts" poker cards while for team 3 was required to find all the "clubs" poker cards.

Where are the cards?

Team 2 spent a long time searching for the last missing card, while team 3 had already found all the cards, which meant they had already won half of the game. When Team 2 had finally found all of the cards, with everyone in the team holding on to one card, the students found their counterparts from Team 3 who held the card with the same number.

 Participants with the same numbered poker card were to pair up and to have one of their arms taped together. They were to then stick a strip of masking tape to their shirt with their names written on it to represent their name tags. The objective of the game was for pairs to tear out the name tags of the other pairs, while defending their own. When the name tags of the pair were torn out, they would be out of the game.

This was purely coincidental.
Some tags just wouldn't stick.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the game, Sares from team 3 fell and injured her leg when she was running down the slope. The in-charge had overlooked the considerations to be taken during the game. To make matters worse, we did not have the first aid kit on hand. We should have considered that it was a sloped area and exclude the area during the game to avoid any accidents like this. However, through this game, the pairs from the two teams have an opportunity to interact and to get to know the other team’s members.

Lastly, we had our captains’ ball match. All of us find that this game was the highlight of the event because it was the enjoyable and competitive. Initially, all the members from both teams were playing together, and subsequently followed by gender matches. Though Team 2 did their best, Team 3 won the game in the end. Improvements to be made would be to have better team coordination. Most of the class thought that the time for the game should be extended. Through this segment, it seeks to help both teams to work on their teamwork toward a goal – to win.

Team 2 strategizing!

Team 3 strategizing!


We then returned to class for debrief, where everyone shared their opinion about the session. The general consensus was that everyone “hated” the dance and loved captains’ ball. While embarrassing and awkward, the mass dance helped to bond people together through the “we did something ridiculous together” effect. Prizes were also given out, to Nabilah and Rebecca for winning the Running Man game by tearing off the most tags, and to Team 3 for winning Captains’ Ball. Unfortunately, Team 2 was too busy with their project to join the subsequent feast outside the class.

Through this event, we are able to get to know more about the whole EMRS members and also learnt that it is vital to take into considerations of any possible hazards, so that we can minimise any injures that might arise from the game. We also learn the need for planning contingencies should unexpected events occur, and thinking through plans thoroughly and carefully. A checklist of items needed would have also helped us be more organized.

Overall, everyone enjoyed the event, and suggested we have a games day more often.