Friday, October 5, 2012

EPIC 2012 @ NYP


On 12th September, Singapore Manufacturers' Federation (SMa) and NYP jointly organized a seminar (EPIC 2012) which was held at NYP’s Theatre for the Arts (TFA). CEOs and senior management as well as staff from Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) were the target audience of the seminar. NYP’s School of Engineering together and School of Business Management EMRS were involved in the helping out of the event.

EMRS was assigned to support this event and this was the first task of our TEP. On the first week, our dress code for the event was decided to be black formal as it projects a professional image to the guest/participants.

^ Dress code for the day ^

Prior to the event, student leaders accompanied our supervisor with the organizing team from SEG and members from SMa to the planning meetings of the seminar. We were asked to come up with a floor plan for the seminar. The team discussed and created the floor plan and manpower list for the seminar.

From these meetings, we learnt that we should always update the team so that event will run smoothly. At the first meeting, we were instructed to print the guest’s name on the stickers which were provided by the main person in charge of the event, Mr David Soo. The team completed the task given in time despite the addition of more guest’s names. The guest’s credentials were neatly printed on to the name labels.

At the second meeting, we were given the task to pack the goodie bags for the event. We managed to pack a total number of 179 goodie bags for the seminar. The items packed were pamphlets and NYP brochures. Furthermore, we received the directional signage posters from Mr Soo to be placed around the school.

Directional signs for the event

The day before the event, team 2 and team 3 went for rehearsal at the TFA together. The team had to set up the equipment that is needed for the seminar outside TFA and the function room.
While some of the members were stationed inside the TFA to assist the lecturers with the giving out of token of appreciation, changing the beverages for the speakers and ushering. In addition, the team put up directional signage around the school according to the floor plan to direct the guests/participants to the TFA. 

Booth all set up!


The teams reported at the TFA and their respective stations by 8:00am. Ushers were stationed around the atrium, car parks and TFA to assist the guests/participants. During registration which starts at 8:30am, the number of guests/participants attending the seminar was pleasantly more than expected. Some of us were stationed at the registration booth to help with giving out of the goodie bags to the guests/participants. Interested guests/participants can sign up for the tours such as Teaching Enterprise Tour, Technology Centre Tour and SiPi Talk.

The seminar commenced at 9:00am. The seminar featured 7 experts who spoke on the subject ‘Towards the Next Manufacturing Revolution’. Guest-of-honor for the event was Mr. Valerio Nannini, the Managing Director of Nestlé Singapore (Pte) Ltd.  During a short recess, EMRS crew members were on hand to help guide guests/participants to the function room for their tea break/lunch. 

Our students at the registration booth

Students at the goodie bag booth!

Students assisting the guest  registration for the tours

Lunch was served at the function room J

Our handsome guys holding the tour boards ;)

The seminar ended at 2.30 pm with participants gathering around together getting ready for the tours to Teaching Enterprise Tour or Technology Centre Tour and the SiPi Talk.

Overall, the event was successful. The seminar received good feedback from satisfied guests and the EMRS team members were praised for our efforts in helping the event run smoothly. It was even mentioned by the organizer SMa that they would be happy to have EMRS organize future events. Lecturers from SEG also commented on our professional image at the seminar.

Lastly, our team is also very grateful for team three’s help and all advice given by the supervisors during the preparations of the event.