Friday, October 12, 2012

CSP - 9th Oct 2012

On 9th October 2012, EMRS Team 3 led its fellow team-mates to execute the Customised Study Path (CSP) exercise.

The Customised Study Path exercise is for students who are not auto-registered for modules, because they could have failed previous modules, got debarred or were differed from exams. As such, their timetables were not auto-generated resulting in them having to plan it themselves, with the help of their course administrators.

Planning the CSP exercise was quite challenging as we had to solve a variety of problems, such as planning the queue system, the room layouts, the signage and the manpower required.  Everyone in Team 3 came brainstormed on how the registration system should be carried out. In the end,we decided to have the CSP students fill up their details on a form instead of sticking to the queue number system used by the previous round of EMRS students

We also faced the situation whereby the information which was provided to us kept changing. One example is when we realised that there were actually more CSP students than originally planned for, resulting in us having to revise our room layouts. Fortunately, we had a vacant room, which we could use as a waiting room to handle the overflow. Thus, change is not bad – it simply creates new challenges and new possibilities!


On the morning of the event, the whole of Team 3 was activated to assist in the set up. As there were four rooms that needed to be arranged, Team 3 was divided into four groups and each group arranged one room.

 We then proceeded to set up the standees at level 1, 2, 3 and 5. However, we realized that the A4 posters for the standees were too small to be seen by the CSP students. Therefore, we decided to re-print the posters in A3 size. Due to the change in the size of the posters, we had to redo the cardboard backing as well.  However, the team worked together and we were able complete everything by 12pm.
The counselling room! Just missing the counsellor…
Entrance to the counselling room


All the EMRS students were issued lanyards so that the CSP students could identify them. Khatau conducted a final briefing to all before dismissing them to their respective stations to prepare for the commencement of the event.
Usher QQ, on standby by to direct the students.
Usher Hilmi, who directed students and went the extra mile to open the door for them.

“Instructions to students.”

The CSP exercise commenced at 2pm sharp. When the CSP students went into their respective counselling room, their details were taken down by our registration helpers. The registration helpers would call out the students to enter the counselling room on a first-come-first-serve basis. However reacted according to situations, and everything worked out well.

The HTM room.

Helpers Joey and Abigail had to track who came first, for each year, on a single sheet of paper.

Next, they proceeded to B.505 or B.512 to plan and print their timetable. There were 6 lab assistants from EMRS to help the CSP students to register their timetables.

Lab B.512, manned by Sean, Shi Min and Xiaolan.

Lab B.505, manned by Farah, Samantha and Nabilah.

Samantha assisting a student.

After the students had printed their timetables, they returned to their respective counselling room and got their timetables approved.

At the end of the exercise, the registration helpers arranged the room furniture back to their original position before they returned to EMRS project room.  The OICs then made their rounds to ensure the counselling rooms were tidy and locked.

Overall, we felt that the event went smoothly and was a success. Although there were many oversight and last minute changes leading up to, and during the event, we managed to solve them quickly. WE even received a compliment from Mr. Puar on our outstanding performance.  

The OICs, Zhi Wei (left) and Khatau (right) with Sharine (centre)

EMRS 1213 S2R1