Friday, June 8, 2012

One Fusion’s mini roadshow – Bringing the best of the world to you

Remember the Country theme booth along the NYP link way outside McDonald’s held on 5th June?

Events Management and Roadshow Team 1 went through one-week of planning for our first mini-roadshow to ensure smooth execution of the event.
Firstly, we got the ball rolling by thrashing out a few ideas to decide the concept of our mini booth. After hours of contemplating, we finally decided on our concept.

One-fusion was the concept of our booth, which represents Team 1 and the fusion of various products from different parts of the world. We decorated the booth with the flags of the countries of origin of the products that we selected.
We also designed a sign post as the main attraction at our booth which shows the distance to several countries while highlighting that they could find it all in a single location which was our booth. Every product that was chosen for consignment has its own unique target group and had different ways to market/sell it. Take for example; the FBT products are mainly used to target those sports and wellness and sports CCA students, while Made-In-Candy generally for all.

This mini road show has taught us that carrying out an event is not easy as multiple planning and coordination work is involved. It has also sharpen our IT and art craft skills when it comes to designing of posters, banners and price-tags. It has taught us to work within a given budget to prioritize what is more important. Another take-away was to always have a plan, a backup plan and to visualize the event. We have also learned that it is important to test all setups before the actual event to minimise hiccups during the day itself. Lastly, we have learned to be flexible, yet efficient and think out of the box when dealing with unexpected occurrences. Though we have reached the $200 sales target within 5 hours, we feel that more can be done to drive more sales by improving on our layout for our posters/direction sign, merchandise selection, etc.

*Behind the scene pictures*