Friday, June 8, 2012


As the Administrators in charge of EMRS S1R2, we organized a team building event on 31 May 2012, Thursday at 2pm. This is our very first EMRS event..

The objectives of this event is to let SBM and DBI students who are new to EMRS to get to know each other better as we will be  working together to organize more events  in the next two months. Thus,  better communications and teamwork are important among team members.

We planned six games, namely human knot, charades, lined up, battle of heroes, murderer and captain ball. Instead of grouping according to the usual team members - Team 1 and 2, we regrouped them so thatthey get a chance to know other team members too.

The whole event took about 2.5 hours. Everything went well as planned and everyone had fun. Besides getting to know one another better we also learnt about punctuality and time management too. 

We explained the game rule to all the members. 

Everyone paying attention…

“Lined Up”


“Battles of the Heros”

Our Favourite… “Murderer”….

And the final game … “Captain Ball”