Friday, June 1, 2012

Showing Care & Concern : A Community Outreach Programme by SBM

On the 15th May 2012, 20 students and 3 staff from SBM’s Event Management and Roadshow (EMRS) teams 1 and 2 took part in a community service event in conjunction with the Beyond Social Services Centre. The event was held at Henderson Heights, Block 91 Resident Centre. The EMRS students spent about a month planning and preparing for the event. The objective was to spend time with the children of the area who are generally hyper active and would otherwise loiter aimlessly.
Books and soft toys were collected during a donation drive in school before the event. The EMRS students washed all soft toys before wrapping them up. As preparation, the students’ in-charge were given a briefing about the area and also the background of the children who hung around there. The plan was to play games and engage the children in some meaningful activity for around two hours to keep them away from any other more undesirable activities.

EMRS students reached the destination at about 5p.m. and moved all the donated items that were collected to the Resident’s Committee office. A total of four games stations were set up near the basketball court. Ms Raja, who was the social worker in-charge, gave the EMRS students a short briefing about the children. We were also advised not to force the children who may be unwilling to join in the activity. EMRS students gathered the children at the playground and grouped them into four teams of various ages between six years old to thirteen years old.  

Initially, we expected about forty children to take part in the event. However, we were happy that there were about sixty children that participated in the fun. The children enjoyed the games and team cheers that were planned for them. The games were carried out for one and a half tiring hours and we had trouble keeping up with the energy of the kids.
The last activity of the evening was the highly anticipated presentation of gifts.

 Each child left for home happily clutching a bag with a soft toy, t-shirt and cap. The EMRS team students stayed back and cleared up the litter at the area even though we were very tired after playing with the highly excitable children. We gained many useful experiences through organising and executing this community event. Little did we expect that we were to stretch our limits in handling the hyper active children. The EMRS team enjoyed the time spent there and got a better understanding of the problems and tribulations facing such groups of disadvantaged children living in Singapore. Despite the different emotions and sometimes trying experiences, we all agreed that we really benefitted from this event. The EMRS students were placed in a highly unusual role of being a role model to the children by spending a little time and showing them a little care and love which they may lack at home.

Submitted by : EMRS Team 2 (AY 2012/13  S1R1)
                        School of Business Management