Friday, February 10, 2017

CEO Networking Session 2017

CEO Networking Session

Date: 1st February 2017
Time: 2-4pm
Venue: Block A, Library, Performance Stage
Speaker: Mr Logan Wong, Pure Senses Pte Ltd


The CEO Networking Session was planned, organized and executed by EMRS Team 3.It involved Pure Senses Pte Ltd, Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), Singapore Polytechnic (SP), Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Students. The speaker was Mr Logan Wong, the Managing Director from Pure Senses Pte Ltd and was held at the Nanyang Polytechnic Blk A level 4 Performance Stage, Library.

The objectives of the Networking Session were to allow students to interact and to learn from Mr Logan Wong as shared his personal experiences and road to success.

This event was managed by Shiqi and Zhi Yan from the Diploma in Business Informatics as the rest were still at their previous stopover. We started off designing the posters. While waiting for the poster to be approved, we looked for a venue to hold the CEO Networking Session. After looking around, we proposed to have it at the Performance Stage at Library and Blk D1, Function Room. We then did out the floor plan and decided where to put up the posters and signages. Ms Quek sent out the finalised poster to other institutions to garner interests. While waiting for the other institutions to nominate students to join the CEO Networking Session, we started to print stickers as on that day itself, it will be very hectic so having stickers pasted on the attendees would allow us to differentiate between students visiting the library and the networking session. Poster was posted on Instagram to promote this event as well.

Instagram post to promote the event

Roles & Responsibility
Emcee: Wendy
Photographer: Shu Zhen
Logistics: Rong Jun & Rishi
Technician: Hariz & Panat
Receptionist: Grizel & Sheeli
Ushers: Erika, Ximin, Rishi, Rong Jun, Jermaine, Shiqi & Zhi Yan
F&B: Qi Fang
Event Day
At around 9.30 AM, some of us started off with putting signages and posters around the school to guide the attendees to the library as they were from other institutions. The rest of us brought the chairs, tables to the library and arranged them. Hariz and Panat who were in-charge of the slides and microphones learned how to operate the sound system. After lunch, we did a final check and everyone took their position. Refreshments were set up with the help of the staff at L’Cafe.
L’Cafe staff helping to set up the F&B

At around 1.30 PM, the attendees started to arrive for registration
The ushers guided them to the registration booth and to their seats.
The attendees were very interactive
We also posted on the instagram to create awareness.
A token of appreciation was given to Mr Logan Wong by Ms Angela Cheng, the Manager of Event and Retail Management.
Refreshments were provided to the attendees and guests.

After the networking session, we did a survey with the attendees. From the survey we found out that most of the attendees were satisfied with the CEO Networking Session and 86% of the them will be attending similar session in the future as they found it very informational. Also 74% of the attendees found that the duration was just right.
In summary, we can plan more of similar networking sessions in the future.
Conclusion & Learning Points
Even though it was a short event, we had lots of fun and we also experienced a lot of different aspects of planning an important event. Overall the networking session was a success even though there were a few hiccups, the team managed to pull it through together .We managed to establish good teamwork and team spirit throughout the whole event. It was really satisfying to see all the students and lectures from other institutions attending our event.
Nevertheless, we all agreed that our communication within the team could have been better to ensure that everything done was consistent and well-organised. Last but not least without the team and supervisor this networking session would not have been possible!

The team in-charge of the event, Team 3!