Monday, February 20, 2017

Green Mini Roadshow - Team 2

EMRS Team 2 Mini-Roadshow
Into the Green Future
Date: 6 & 7 February 2017
Time: 10:30 am - 3:30 pm
Venue: Outside NYP Koufu


A team of fun, lovely and joyous individuals came together to plan, organise and execute our very first event which is the Green Mini Roadshow. We decided to name our event “Into the Green Future”, which refers to our goal of creating a greener future for ourselves and the future generations. After liaising with various vendors that supports green movements, we decided on Kaira Technologies Pte Ltd, which is the retailer of Logitech products. As such, we brought in Logitech products - cordless mice, gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming headset and wireless speakers.

Our main objective was to encourage the people to recycle their e-waste. We also increased awareness of the e-waste recycling bin available in school, at which when they purchase a new logitech equipment, they can recycle their old electronic equipment. Our secondary objective was to promote Logitech’s new and current products to the students and staff of Nanyang Polytechnic.

Target Audience:
Our main target audience of our Mini Roadshow were the students and staff of Nanyang Polytechnic. Our secondary target are the visitors and guests who come to Nanyang Polytechnic.
  • Overall in Charge - Marcus
  • Assistant in Charge - Ni Zhen
  • Advertising & Promotions - Alethea & Mei Xuan
  • Finance - Nadirah & Joshua
  • Logistics - Xue Er & Nerrin

The rest of the team members helped to make the decorations for the booth as well as man the booth during the event.
After negotiating with Kaira Technologies Pte Ltd, we decided to sell their Logitech products on a consignment basis. The products we brought in were cordless mice, gaming products, multimedia speakers and keyboards.
Before the event, we did a site inspection, fixtures list, manpower allocation and floor plan. For advertising, we designed posters and placed them around the school on poster stands to spread awareness about our event. We also made a product catalogue with a price list to show to the customers.
Poster & Product Catalogue design
green future poster.png

Furthermore, we decided to make a banner that was shaped like the Earth, made out of cardboard. We attached the banner to a large wire rack with wheels, and decorated it to fit our theme. A tree was also made as a mini exhibition with information on e-waste and how to reduce them. After evaluating our consumers purchasing behaviour and the Logitech products, we created a sales target of $2354.
The process of preparing the A&P decoration
Information Tree
Day 1:
In the morning of the first day of the roadshow, our team reported at 8.30am for a briefing, before bringing out the fixtures and stocks down to Koufu. We managed to finish setting our booth before the roadshow started. To display our products, we used a white cube for the speakers and a short wire rack to hang the cordless mice. For the rest of the products, we laid them diagonally on the tables.

Mei Xuan and Nerrin were our cashiers for both days.

We took turns to do mobile promoting and man the booth. The roadshow ended at 3.30pm and that’s when we started tearing down the booth. We also did a stock count and found no discrepancies for Day 1. Our sales figure for the first day was a low $214. The main reasons for the low sales turnout were low booth visibility, as well as lower than expected customer traffic around our booth area.

Day 2:
On the last day, we came up with a more detailed manpower allocation so that we our team was more efficient and productive for the setup. A revised sales target of $800 was made because we felt that the original sales target was not realistic. We also made minor changes to the booth layout, such as putting the booth to the front so that people could see the booth better. We also attempted mobile selling by bringing along our products so as to boost our sales. Our sales were better due to the enthusiasm of our team to push the sales, despite being physically tired and the visibility of our booth. At the end of the day, we made sure that the stocks tallied with our sales. We managed to almost sextuple our sales on day 2, from $214 to $1,176, meeting our secondary sales target.

After the event, we dismantled and disposed/recycled the props that we didn’t need anymore, and cleaned up the B409 room, where we made the decorations for the booth. We also returned all the fixtures we took from EMRS and the Fixtures room so that it can be use for the next events..

In conclusion, we managed to overcome challenges and achieved our revised sales target. We also managed to bring awareness to E-waste and allowed more people to recognise the importance of reducing E-waste.