Friday, January 20, 2017

Team Bonding 2017

Team Bonding 2017
Date: 19th January 2017
Time: 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Venue: Nanyang Polytechnic, Outside CCA Room

On 19th January 2017, the students from DBI conducted a team bonding activities from 1.30PM to 4.30PM. The team bonding activities were created to have the whole EMRS to bond as a team.

The objective of this team bonding is to get the students from both SBM and SIT to get to know each other better as teamwork is critical in business. Students can learn how to communicate with one another as they will be facing challenges that need to be solved as a group. The activities ensure that the students can foster ties with one another and enjoy games as a whole EMRS team.

The students from DBI started with discussing and brainstorming the ideas. We had to ensure that the activities we proposed were fun, interactive and engaging for everyone.
Initially, we planned to do outdoor activities such as Captain’s Ball and Running Man. However, we had considered that playing Running Man might disturb the school as students will be running around and Captain’s Ball might not be able to carry out due to the weather. Hence, we had come out with activities that can help to break the ice.

We prepared the logistics that we would need for the event, such as scrap paper, stationery and prizes. Having a budget of $30, we tried to maximize our budget by going to the Value Dollar Shop to get the prizes. We had managed to get a lot of snacks from the shop. Also, we divided the students in a way by trying to split students who were in the same class to maximize the opportunities for students to get to know people they would not usually mix with.

Day Event
The event started off outside CCA room, where everyone sat in a circle and started with the first activity, Wacko. The first activity was to allow everyone to remember the names as quick as possible. After everyone had introduced themselves, the person in the middle would have to hit the person who was being called out. At the end of the game, students from different teams got a chance to know one another.
The next activity was the Photo Game. Everyone was split into their respective teams. 2 teams competed with each other. This activity allowed students to interact with one another, enhanced the teamwork and communication skills with the EMRS team.

Conclusion & Learning Points
The team bonding came to an end and Team 3 emerged victorious! They were rewarded with prizes. Furthermore, the other 3 teams were rewarded with prizes too! Even though each team had different prizes, every one shared their prizes among one another. The team bonding activities left us with a greater sense of teamwork and communication. It helped us to know one another better and also fostered our ties.

In conclusion, the team bonding session was successful as everyone had a great time. With better teamwork and communication, we hope that we will be able to work better and plan many successful events and roadshows in the weeks to come.